10 Key Factors Driving the Optimism Trend

on 13/11/09

Most trend companies are picking up on this idea of a new sense of optimism, fun, and even joy, spreading throughout the world. Even the media is full of good news stories. So at a time of one of the biggest recession in decades, what is influencing this new sense of optimism, The Trend Boutique has put together 10 factors that we feel are driving the ‘optimism’ trend.

No. 1: Barrack Obama - This election of Obama has probably caused the biggest change to take place in a decade, from the initial hype of him taking up his presidency, to the new ‘re-setting’ of foreign policy, to him recently winning the Nobel Peace Prize the impact has been immense. This ‘I Can’ and global encompassing mentality is permeating throughout most societies in the world. Added to this is the glamour of a younger, more humble approach to policy within the USA & on an international basis, and for the first time in a long time ‘The World hearts the USA’. 

No.2: The ‘New’ Celebrity Culture - It is no longer all about Paris, Britney, Lindsay Lohan, Posh & Becks, Kate Moss or even Jordan & Peter. The ‘me, me, me, self-publicising, flash my wealth’ celebrity are on the wane and it is now about the super-chilled, elusive celebrities, such as Jay-Z & Beyonce and Leonardo Di Caprio. Still supremely successful and ambitious, this drive is matched by their ability to lead a relatively stable life out of the headlines whilst championing good causes with the same level of dedication and passion.

No.3: Still Wealthy - Super low interest rates have found many of us actually having more disposable income than ever before, plus added to this in recent months we have adapted our shopping  mentality to become clever shoppers, knowing when to splurge and when to hold back. This has given us new found confidence, and with savings back in the bank as a result, this means that our finances have been put back in order maybe for good!

LED Lights
LED Lights by Vessel Candeloo Design
Eco Homes Exhibition - Geffryre Museum

No.4: No Longing Having to Keep Up With the Joneses - The end of mass consumption has resulted in a collective sigh of relief as we no longer have to keep up with each other. That continual one-up-man-ship was taking its toll not only on our bank account but also our self-esteem, as we endlessly bought into the luxury lifestyle whilst having mediocre budgets. The latest ‘IT’ bags and other designer must-haves are on the decline whilst we now gain credibility status through our level of restraint. Phew, what a relief as we can now start opening our credit card statements again.

No.5: Eco & Environmental Issues – Despite all the doom & gloom surrounding the planet, what is driving our new sense of optimism is the fact that ecological & environmental issues have now become part of the mainstream agenda. This in itself shows a massive shift in our thought process, and our new ‘love the planet’ mantra has opened our eyes to the wonderment of the natural world creating a great source of inspiration and excitement. This agenda is also pushing forward innovation as we try and find the right solutions.

100% Design
Cactus Chair - Valentina Gonzales Wohlers
100% Design Exhibition

No. 6: Celebrating the Extraordinary – Over the last few years we have seen some amazing feats of courage or endurance both often by ordinary people . After a decade of International terror attacks, pessimism and global scare stories these allow us some hope that there is a positive future out there for us all. This is being reflected in the media from 'real people' campaigns, to 'clever & complicated' advertising and artistic pieces & films that celebrate nature or human spirit, Disney's Up is just one example of the new upbeat life is for living spirit (that it has reported that a lot of grown men are leaving in tears!)

No. 7: Young People – The next generation are always the driving force for change and despite the media’s portrayal of binge-drinking, hoodie-wearing, out-of-control youths we are actually looking in most cases at the opposite. With record numbers attending university, we have never been so well educated and would probably be better characterised as culturally-diverse, technology-savvy, & ambitious. They are also achieving more, younger, faster within their multi-faceted lifestyles with the growth of the 'Slash / Slash' Generation as dubbed by The Future Laboratory, who recently documented this group of designers / djs / musicians / photographer / webdesigners / entrepreneurs / etc / etc.

Copyright Tim Walker PicturesLadders by Tim Walker, Tim Walker Exhibition

No. 8: Connectivity – The world of social networking has led to us connecting & interacting with each other at a speed & pace previously unseen, it also means no matter where we are we can stay in touch with family & friends, all giving us a sense of security & wellbeing. Added to this is the way we are able to explore, share, & add our own commentary every second of every day, this overwhelming level of connectivity & access is creating a voice for us all in a really positive way. Sharing is the new way forward with even designer labels posting their collections on facebook to lots of blue chip companies sending gifts or freebies to their customers.

Facebook Thumbs Up
Facebook - Thumbs Up

No.9: The Recession – We all want to know whether the recession is starting to ease and according to most leaders of industry we are well on the way. Why would the recession itself be driving forward this new feeling of optimism, well what it has allowed most companies is the chance to ‘pause’ and then reassess exactly what their brand is about. Innovation, craftsmanship and ethics & the environment have all come to the fore, as they compete for our custom as never before.

No. 10: The End of the Noughties – From that fateful day, 11th September 2002, when all the aspirations of the new millennium seemed to evaporate, we have had a decade of turmoil and worries. From wars in Afghanistan & Iraq, to Swine Flu, Bird Flu & SARS, and a huge worldwide recession the start of a new decade gives us a chance to begin a this next ten years with renewed optimism and excitement for the future.


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