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Masks Project by Bertjan Pot

on 10/11/12

Masks Project by Bertjan Pot, combining the level of joyful design with the craftsmanship, won the Best Autonomous Design in the Dutch Design Awards in 2012. Read on >

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'Gravity Stool' by Jolan van der Wiel

on 24/10/12

The stunning use of the magnetic forces has been used by conceptual designer Jolan van der Wiel to create his 'Gravity Stool'. Read on >

Cool Finds

Taxidermy Birds by Kelly McCallum

on 18/11/11

The fragility of life is a key trend we see for Autumn Winter 2012-13, and Kelly McCallum's taxidermy birds reflect this direction perfectly. Read on >

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Mourning Jewellery by Kirsten Spuijbroek

on 18/11/11

Another artist featured in our Autumn Winter 2012-13 'Fragility' trend report, is Kirsten Spuijbroek. Read on >

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Botanica by Studio Formafantasma

on 7/9/11

The Trend Boutique love this latest collection from Studio Formafantasma, the use of natural and organic materials create pieces reflective of our spring summer 2012 trend 'Harvest'. Read on >

Cool Finds

BallyLove#2 by Olaf Breuning

on 11/7/11

Bally announce their continuation of a successful partnership with Art Basel. This collaboration fits well with our Autumn Winter 2012-13 'Radical' trend. Read on >

Cool Finds

Installation in Condemned Building by Dominic Wilcox

on 17/5/11

Installation by artist Dominic Wilson who transforms a 'waiting Room' in the LSE by removing all colour. Read on >

Cool Finds

Wig Vases by Tania Da Cruz

on 16/5/11

These WIG Vases by Tania are light hearted and fun whilst also fitting in with both of Spring Summer 2012 'Harvest' and 'Senses' trends. Read on >

Cool Finds

Foreign Bodies by Jonathan Mist

on 16/5/11

Jonathan Mist's Foreign Bodies collection fits well with the Autumn Winter 2012-13 trend 'Fragility'. Read on >

Cool Finds

Jewellery By Rebecca Chalkley

on 16/5/11

A look at Rebecca Chalkley's jewellery and the self-developed process in which it was made. Read on >

Cool Finds

Up-cycled Sneaker Sculptures by Gabriel DiShaw

on 4/4/11

Up-cycling technology has cleverly been transformed into sculptures with these innovative sneaker artworks. Read on >

Cool Finds

Living Sculpture by Tend Living

on 28/3/11

Amazing living sculptures by Tend Living that fit perfectly with our 'Harvest' trend theme for Spring Summer 2012 Read on >

Cool Finds

Filigree Car Bombing by Cal Lane

on 2/3/11

Visually, these beautiful metal works by Cal Lane fit perfectly in line with The Trend Boutique's Autumn Winter 2011-12 'Worn' trend Read on >

Cool Finds

Contemporary British Designer Karen Ryan

on 1/3/11

As featured in our report, Karen Ryan's unique projects are spot on trend for our Spring Summer 2012 'Heritage' trend. Read on >

Cool Finds

Clockwork Love Pendants by Tjep

on 28/2/11

Tjeps' jewellery collection of timepieces represent different 'heart moods' such as fragility, desire and uncertainty. Read on >

Cool Finds

Knitting Clock By Siren E Wilhelmsen

on 25/2/11

As featured in our Autumn Winter 2011-12 'Folk' trend, Siren Elise Wilhelmsen's knitted clock measures the time in a three-dimensional form, in volume. Read on >

Cool Finds

Identity By Jeffery Wang

on 4/2/11

Jeffrey Wang's enhanced photography work depicts a woman who morphs from innocence to struggles, and back to innocence. Read on >

Cool Finds

Concrete Buckles by Sruli Recht

on 1/2/11

These Concrete Buckles by Sruli Recht are perfectly on trend for Spring Summer 2011's "Austere Luxury" trend. Read on >

Cool Finds

Metal Headware by Honoyo

on 26/1/11

Japanese Designer Honoyo as featured in our "Senses" Spring-Summer 2012 Trend Report. Read on >

Cool Finds

Sculptures by Anna-Wili Highfield

on 15/1/11

Talented artist Anna-Wili Highfield creates sculptures from paper & copper pipe that capture perfectly the spirit of the subject matter. Read on >

Cool Finds

Honeycomb Vases by Studio Libertiny

on 11/12/10

Delicate vases created by nature and bought to us by Studio Libertiny Read on >

Cool Finds

Shadow Play by Fred Eerdekens

on 29/10/10

Artist Fred Eerdekens plays with light & dark to create thought provoking installations. Read on >

Cool Finds

New York City Garbage by Justin Gignac

on 23/10/10

Recycled garbage becomes one-off miniature 'works of art' by Justin Gignac. Read on >

Cool Finds

Illustrations by Kahori Maki

on 3/10/10

'Cool find' article taking a look at the beautiful, dark illustrations of Japanese artist Kahori Maki. Read on >

Cool Finds

Sculptural Ceramic 'Fashion' & Art by Philip Li

on 17/7/10

Ceramics are redefined with the performance & fine art work of Philip Li. Read on >

Cool Finds

Museo Aero Solar by Tomas Sarenco

on 8/12/09

An eco art project created around the concept of a 'flying museum'. Read on >

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