Augmented Reality at Selfridges Flagship by Tissot Watches

on 10/6/10

The innovation of augmented reality has been under our radar for a fair amount of time now. The Trend Boutique researchers spotted the emerging growth and promise for this technological phenomena back in November 2009, however now augmented reality has shown its first snippet of real potential within Selfridges flagship store on Oxford Street, London. Allowing Tissot to engage with a new digitally aware consumer this is a clear example of brands being more collaborative in their marketing, communicating at a partnering stance to a more technologically literate target audience.

Augmented Reality by Holition for Tissot Swiss Watches, Selfridges London

Sally Scott, Selfridges Managing Director, commented that; "The windows at Selfridges are famous for showcasing some of the most imaginative and creative displays. The work by Holition has produced on behalf of Tissot fits perfectly into Selfridges' desire for continuous innovation in retail".

Augmented Reality by Holition for Tissot Swiss Watches, Selfridges London

From May 13th they ran a digital campaign that lasted for 2 weeks, promoting Tissot's new Touch Collection of watches. Consumers were able to virtually model a 3D projection of the entire Tissot range without having to enter the store. With 28 different variations to choose from, shoppers on Oxford Street were able to experience different selections of dial and strap combinations, at the twist of a wrist. The display was created by Holition, a 3D augmented luxury retail brand technology provider.

Thanks to the expertise of Holition, the Selfridges shop window acted as a fully interactive touch screen and simply by being handed a Tissot paper wristband, passers by could view their wrist captured by a camera system and projected onto an LCD computer screen. Informative mini-videos showcasing the unique features of each style ran alongside the visual of the watch on screen. Although the core of the campaign was exhibited at the Selfridges store, other channels included press and online. The online interaction enabled consumers to print the paper wristband from the Tissot website and then model their wrist wearing the watch through a webcam within their home.

Augmented Reality by Holition for Tissot Swiss Watches, Selfridges London

Since the 2 week campaign, it has been reported that sales have grown by 85% for Tissot's in store boutique and an average of 190 shoppers per day tried on the watches on Oxford Street. Whereas many retail marketing campaigns are sales driven, the luxury goods sector has much more of a coerce on brand focus and consumer perception, therefore tends to access the return on investment alongside the wider reaching brand benefits such as consumer loyalty and sustaining brand interaction. Yet the reported 85% increase on sales shows that the highly inventive augmented reality collaboration may pay off both with long term and short term rewards.

The Trend Boutique will be releasing their brand new lifestyle trends report on how the luxury sector is embracing new technologies and this initiative by Selfridges is just one of the ways we are seeing the adoption of innovative ways to re-engage with their customers.

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