Autumn Winter 2010-11 & Spring Summer 2011 Heimtextil Show & Trend Preview

on 28/10/09

Heimtextil has recently presented their latest trends for Autumn / Winter 2010-11 in home and contract textiles.

Initially released in the form of a Trend Book, allowing readers the opportunity to view this information 6 months ahead of the next exhibition (January 2010) where these trends will then be featured in the form of their directional Trend Forum.

The Paris style agency Carlin International is responsible for Trend Book concept development and design as well as translating the trend statements for the trend show at next January’s Heimtextil. This information was also based on the work of a 2-day ‘Trend Table’ session back in March 09 where 6 international experts (from Japan, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Sweden), bring together their collective knowledge & future thinking to create the ultimate insight for the season.

Features of the book include how to ‘decode’ individual trend statements for various market areas, alongside colour information provided with inspiration points for the interior setting in a pull-out format.

The main overarching theme presented was UNI[RE]VERSE, the answer to universality. As it was felt that Autumn / Winter 2010-11 created a trend universe of contrasts and controversies.

This is then broken down into the four style directions Futurustic, Temptation, Hypernature and Intuition where the focus is on sustainable eco-luxury, tradition and modern, nature and innovation and spontaneous creativity.

New for the Autumn / Winter 10/11 season is that these four trends are then divided into three distinct themes creating clear ideas of how to integrate the trends at different market levels.

The Heimtextil website will bring you the latest updates and trend news as it begins its build up to the show in January 2010, they also have a fantastic blog that it is worth taking a look at to give you a real insight & latest thoughts from some of the key figures behind the show. Plus we bring you an overview of the key themes provided by Heimtextil.

Futurustic features simplicity of high quality

“Since 2005, when the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Reports were published and perhaps even before, the textile sector has concerned itself with the need to nurture and protect the earth’s resources.

Since 2007, when the Ethical Fashionweek was staged, this has also been reflected in the trends. The Futurustic trend statement makes this connection and cleverly highlights aspects of authenticity and ecological considerations. Aesthetically, Futurustic concentrates on subtleties, fine weaves and the frothy and voluminous as well as on natural, earthy colours.

For example, Refined roots symbolises irregular structures like those in nature – a modern interpretation of “Back to the roots”.

Lesstravagance describes that less is more and processes simple materials to a high qualitative standard. Here so called eco-luxury is apparent in the mix of plain, simple style variations and elementary forms of extravagance.

The third theme, Infinite time, is a combination of raw materials and soft materials. The interior setting reflects timeless comfort with calming strength and a rustic confidence in the future.”

Temptation Theme from Heimtextil Trend Book

Temptation creates a private sphere out of the traditional and modern

“Temptation is designed to appeal to the senses in an age of technology, the Internet and public life. While people are becoming more and more networked, the desire for a private sphere is increasing and the quest for inner values growing.

Timeless forms are fitted with amazing new developments and interpreted with classic forms. The private sphere we seek is clearly apparent in interior design in the form of a cocoon-like mini-living room. “Forbidden” colours such as absinthe and red wine are used.

One of the sub themes of Temptation is Intimate sphere, where the worn-out look is adopted for modern finishes.

Irresistible staging takes pleasure in turning the relationship between old and new, genuine and copy on its head, creating a mysterious fantasy atmosphere.

The rediscovered freedom of creativity is shown by contrasting materials like transparent, coloured plastic and classic borders and trimmings.

Digital classics blurs the dividing line between the real and the virtual and features a journey twixt fantasy and the present. The classic is reinterpreted and makes use of timeless elements.”

Hypernature Theme from Heimtextil Trend Book

Hypernature transports the freshness of nature to the big city

“Here, fresh, urbane colours are combined with shades of smog. This brings a new strength and energy to city life and creates harmony involving sensuality and innovation. Hypernature builds on transparent materials with natural fabrics like soy and bamboo.

Thanks to the use of tone-on-tone embroidery, Beneficial innovations gives somewhat modern, rational elements a hint of warmth and is sensual and ingenious as a result.

In Organotech a touch of freshness makes the symbiosis with nature evident. Hybrid materials bring more poetry to the furnishings, creating shadow effects through the layering of fabrics and light.

Layering reality transports a creation consisting of soft, bright, luminous structures, layers and delicate sensory illusions, the emphasis here being on bringing reality and poetry closer.”

Intuition Theme from Heimtextil Trend Book

Intuition – an explosion of good humour and bright colours

“Now creativity is repositioning itself after the current times of crisis. Bright, contemporary colours show spontaneous creativity – a variety of patterns from different cultures reflect the universal language.

Intuitive geography amazes with its form and colour and combines plastic with sustainable materials.

Freedom and spontaneity result in Impulsive creativity with strong colours and naive, pictorial designs – creating a dynamic architecture.

Graphic fascination breathes life into functionality. Prints and surface coverings play with forms and bring good humour into the creative home.

Magic simplicity is equally rich in contrast bringing a spontaneous optimism to interior design and facilitating an encounter between bright colours and neutral tones.”

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