Autumn Winter 2011-12 'Guide to the Season' - Function Trend Report

on 14/8/10

For Autumn Winter 2011-12 we continue to adjust to our new conscientious & simplified way of life as austerity and function come together to create a major shift in our aspirations. 

Utilitarian re-enters our vocabulary as we look for function & form over overt branding and ‘look-at-me’ styling. Everything has a subtle, stripped back air, but rather than being dull we learn to appreciate all things simple. 

Austerity Continues

Austerity offers an intense & more masculine aesthetic code for Autumn Winter 2011-12, with nearly-there black, deep navy and pewter creating a much darker tone-on-tone palette.

This new more rugged luxury creates a sober, pure beauty that remains hidden from the uninitiated, but for a collector or connoisseur welcomes them to their own private club. 

Austerity Continues Autumn Winter 2011-12 Trend BoardAusterity Continues Trend Direction for Autumn Winter 2011-12 - See Downloadable Version For Full References

Utility Returns

Practical design becomes ‘de rigueur’ as we see a whole host of pared-down, industrial-looking products, fashion & interiors.

Functionality is highlighted through a complete resurgence in clean lines & basic styling, whilst multipurpose design features have come to the fore to cement this utility look. 

Utility Returns Autumn Winter 2011-12 Trend BoardUtility Returns Trend Direction for Autumn Winter 2011-12 - See Downloadable Version For Full References

Cheerful Basics

Switching off our ‘smart’ technology we start to find new hope for the world from within ourselves, rather than our continued over-reliance on the latest high-tech equipment.

Using less resources, creating a simpler ‘back to basics’ way of life can be rewarding in itself, but think how many solutions we could find to the earth’s problems if we just took time to think.

Cheerful Basics Autumn Winter 2011-12 Trend BoardCheerful Basics Trend Direction for Autumn Winter 2011-12 - See Downloadable Version For Full References

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Austerity Continues

1. Light Bulbs by Amy Warner
2. Pistil by Label Objet
3. Store Interior, Damir Doma in Paris
4. Numb Collection by Anna Bonnevier Design House, Stockholm
5. Evolution Front Cocoon by Nacho Carbonell

Utility Returns

1. Concrete Vase by Doreen Westphal
2. The Box by Park Su Jin
3. Sofa Lamp by Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders
4. Minimal Workstation by Fredrick Paulson
5. Lift Lights by Amy Warner

Cheerful Basics

1. ‘Clay Fan - Blue’ by Maarten Baas Photographer: Maarten van Houten
2. Camp Installation by Studio Gorm
3. Welcome to the Jungle by Rui Alves

Label Objet

Damir Doma

Anna Bonnevier Design House

Nacho Carbonell

Doreen Westphal

Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders

Maarten Baas

Studio Gorm

Rui Alves - My Own Super Studio


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