Autumn Winter 2011-12 Textile Trend Direction - Function

on 14/8/10

One of the four textile directions predicted for Autumn Winter 2011-12, 'Function', can be split into three textile moods.  Basics are have a pared down simplicity in the first mood, whilst utility is seen within simple textiles where the focus is on tradional weave patterns, whilst 'Austerity Continues' with a darker edge created via tone on tone colour palettes in black & navy colourings.

Textile Trend Direction 1: Basics

Subtle finishes & luxurious yarns keep 'basics' from becoming boring, upbeat simplicity is the key to provide new modern classics.

  • Luxury yarns in neutral tones set the direction for knitted textiles
  • Knit structures are kept simple and fine
  • Patterns come from the blurring of colour tones

Whitewash Studio, "knit silk static tank"Whitewash Studio - linen hand dyed batik magnetic principleWhiteWash Studio Collection, "Knit Silk Static Tank", "Linen Hand Dyed Batik Magnetic Principle"

  • Crisp linens and cottons are functional and versatile
  • Effortless seams and hems add subtle detailing

Whitwash Studio - pinstripe linen samurai shirtWhiteWash Studio Collection, "Pinstripe Linen Samurai Shirt", "Asymmetrical Geometric Cotton Gauze Dress"

Textile Trend Direction 2: Utility Fabrics

Classic weaves provide a pared-down wintery feel, whilst ornamental detailing & pleating continues to create a utility approach.

  • Heavy fabrics are woven with twill and herringbone stuctures
  • Cotton jersey is folded and pleated to add simple surface qualities
  • The utility trend returns in the detailing with brass ornaments adorning fabrics

Function Trend - Pitti ImaginePitti Filati 67, "Bemiva", Photograph by F. Guazzelli

Textile Trend Direction 3: Austerity Continues

Fabrics take on a masculine feel as 'Austerity Continues' for Autumn Winter 2011-12, palettes are dark & brooding with a mixture of tone on tone & dye techniques.

  • Dip-dying fabrics creates an expansive range of different tones of the same colour
  • Blues, blacks, browns and purples are all blurred together to create a tonal colour palette

PULI - Lounge Chair - Shadow

PULI - lounge chair - Shadow By Attila FKovacs

  • Quilting and fabric manipulation techniques such as smocking create shadows within the fabric, leaving a visual effect of tone on tone colour.

Bouroullec Quilt chair 09

Quilt 09.  ©Paul Tahon and R & E Bouroullec

Varun Sadana - Blow PRVarun Sardana
Varun Sardana - Blow PR

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