Autumn Winter 2011-12 Textile Trend Direction - Worn

on 17/9/10

'Worn' is one of the four key trends for the Autumn-Winter 2011-12.  The Trend Boutique see 'Worn' as a theme that has amazing potential for textiles & surface decoration, with a key theme continuing through this trend of the deforming, unforming and reforming of materials.  Highly abrasive techniques yield delicate finishes. 

Textile Direction 1: Worn Florals

Florals with a hand-painted & aged feel seem reminiscent of a former era, one of Louis XIV where decadence & Imperialism were key, however with the 'Worn' theme they have now become faded over time.

  • Organic dyes give a tea stained look creating aged effect prints
  • Fabrics are burnt in mottled patternings producing one-off designs

Aurelie AlvarezUCA Epsom GFW 2010Aurelie Alvarez (left); UCA Epsom Graduate Fahion Week 2010 (right)

Textile Direction 2: Distressed Finish

A more raw approach is created through distressed finishes that take on an industial feel.

  • Multiple layers with a raw, deconstructed finish create texture and depth
  • Blurred, speckled and bleached, colour inspiration comes from an irridescent oil spill

Elena Osterwalder 2008 NALAC Grant ExhibitionElena Osterwalder 2008 NALAC Grant Exhibition

Textile Direction 3: Vintage Leathers

Leathers follow on from the previous Autumn Winter, however have a soft, yet raw & unfinished feel. Look to vintage pieces that are faded & damaged from use, but can be re-worked for dramatic effect.

  • Fabrics are sun-faded with creases and wear-lines
  • The raw inner side of the fabric can be seen as well as the outer antique shimmerey finish

Whitewash 2010 Jacket from vintage leather with hand carved wooden buttonWhiteWash Collection 2010, Jacket from vintage leather with hand carved wooden button

Textile Direction 4: Brushed Fibres

Worn effects & distinct patterning are also created through brushing fibres to distort weaves, leaving open areas of floats and ladders.

  • Finishes are metallic and rusting
  • Distressed surfaces tell a troubled history

Pinaki StudiosPinaki Studios, 'The Ephemeral' Photographer: Michele Panzeri

Pinaki StudiosPinaki Studios, 'The Ephemeral' Photographer: Michele Panzeri

Textile Direction 5 - Laddered Fabrics

Ladders & open lace techniques create a worn feel, with fabrics that have become sheer & virtually non-existent.

  • Yarns are knitted, tied, and twisted together with open lace stitching
  • Fragile edges are left fraying and unfinished

Craig Lawrence AW10Craig Lawrence AW10Collection by Craig Lawerence

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