Autumn Winter 2012-13 'Guide to the Season' - Remote Trend Report

on 24/8/11

As the stresses & the strains of the current economic situation take hold and the world seems as if it is heading into chaos - as identified in our 'Radical' trend report, the counter direction for Autumn Winter 2011-12 The Trend Boutique is one of 'Remote'.

With a strong desire to just escape from everything around us, we head to distant 'Remote' locations where our homes & lifestyles become at one with the wilderness & desolate landscapes. We also seek solitude & time to reflect within busy urban environments & our daily schedules.

Whether we are embracing our natural surroundings, facing the raw elements of a harsh Winter or just taking time to pause & breathe, 'Remote' is the perfect 'antipodes' to our current ills, and a definate follow on from our 'Nature' and 'Harvest' themes from previous seasons.


Trend Direction 1: Into the Wild 

As we face up to the complexities of modern life we start to seek out 'Remote' places to call home. For this direction we see architecture that works 'as one' with the wilderness & elements creating intense beauty through simple lines that blend seamlessly with the natural environment.

Solitude becomes extremely desirable as we develop maps to measure 'Remoteness' of unexplored locations and we benefit from peace & tranquility from our new isolated spaces and bring new meaning to the concept of working from home.

'Into the Wild' Trend Direction - Autumn Winter 2012-13 'Guide to the Season' for Remote 

Trend Direction 2: Taking Flight

Our sense of wanting to escape is captured through the need to 'take flight' from the mundane banality of everyday. Feathers become a key inspiration for Autumn Winter 2012-13 as both tonally and texturally they fit perfectly with the 'Remote' theme, whilst providing both warmth & a symbolic reference point.

The grace and majesty of birds in flight is also of importance, as we reflect on how they are able to soar above the world creating a unique vantage point whilst their inate ability to migrate means they explore & travel the globe effortlessly. 


Autumn Winter 2012-13 Guide to the Season Trend Report - Remote
'Taking Flight' Trend Direction - Autumn Winter 2012-13 'Guide to the Season' for Remote 


Trend Direction 3: Facing the Elements 

The raw power of the elements should never be underestimated, from tornados to tsunamis we have seen the devastation that these natural phenomenons can cause, however rather than run & hide we embrace and learn to live with the weather that surrounds us.

Glaciers, oceans and winter skies all become essential references, as these muted watery tones reflect vast the expanses we see before us. For fashion we see contrasts between soft, cocooning shapes for womenswear versus rugged, weatherproof fabrics for menswear as they batten down the hatches. 


'Facing the Elements' Trend Direction - Autumn Winter 2012-13 'Guide to the Season' for Remote 

Trend Direction 4: Urban Escapism

Whilst we may want to escape the rigours of our day to day world, unfortunately we are often not able or brave enough to do so. So this direction examines the concept of finding our own moment of reflection or inner space to ensure we retain our sanity amongst the chaos that surrounds us.

It may be fleeting, but a grabbed moment, a desire to find beauty in what surrounds us, or a chance to find a 'Remote' space within the urban sprawl can be as treasured and act as our own inner sanctum. 

'Urban Escapism' Trend Direction - Autumn Winter 2012-13 'Guide to the Season' for Remote 

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For further information: 

Into the Wild

1. Villa Överby by John Robert Nilsson

2. Fogo Island Studios by Todd Saunders 

Taking Flight 

1. 'Aquila' by Studio Formafantasma

2. Image & Collection by Matthew Williamson 

Facing the Elements 

1. Image & Collection by Mads Dinesen 

2. Image & Collection by Sruli Recht

Urban Escapism

1. Image & Collection by Borre Akkersdijk

2. Image & Collection by Silas 


Todd Saunders

Studio Formafantasma

Matthew Williamson

Mads Dinesen

Sruli Recht

Borre Akkersdijk



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