Autumn Winter 2012-13 'Guide to the Season' - Sharp Trend Report

on 16/5/11

Last season was all about the 'Spirited' digital generation, for Autumn Winter 2012-13 it’s the turn of their older siblings, born in the late-Eighties & early-Nineties who hit their teens as the world rang in the New Millennium.
'New' Millennials AKA 'Generation Y' or 'Echo Boomers, this promising generation has been well-educated, politically, economically & socially 'spoilt' , and spent their formative years becoming media-savvy as they plugged in their modems & digital TV.  
Now they face some of the toughest times of any group, as despite their degrees & superior education, or access to new technologies, they reach maturity just as we emerge from one of the most turbulent decades ever.
Trend Direction 1: New Millenials 
As this 'Harry Potter' generation comes of age, they put down their Pokemon cards & Gameboys and start to make an impact on the world around them. Bought up in a more affluent, cultured, switched-on way, they have drive & ambition, but also a social conscience too.
The ‘New Millennials’ born in the 90s are the ones to watch, less 'conservative', more radical with a 'witty' outlook on life.  The key is they are moving away from the 'village fête', overtly-vintage feel of the last 5 years, as we see a shift towards dressing with more focus & drive, whilst adding in the odd quirky touch for originality.
New Milleniuls - Autumn Winter 2012-13 Sharp Trend Report

'New Millenials' Trend Direction for Autumn Winter 2012-13

Trend Direction 2: Post-Modernism 

This theme takes reference from the first wave of post-modernism, combining a similar super-fast paced blending of culture, music & fashion all delivered with a sense of style & exuberance.

As expected designs feature colour clashes, bold statements, subversive overtones and a 'witty' attitude.  In a similar way to post-modernism being a counter movement to the simplicity & purity of modernism, this is a perfect anti-austerity, post-vintage switch in direction.

Autumn Winter 2012-13 Guide to the Season - Sharp
'Post Modernism' Trend Direction for Autumn Winter 2012-13

Trend Direction 3: Intelligence 

This generation has to get smarter, sharper and be more astute as they face up to the tough economic times. For a group so well-educated & promised the world, things are looking decidedly bleak as they come out of university clutching their degrees. 

The last cohort to benefit from ‘inclusive’ education due to the dramatic changes in academic funding, this group will be in high demand in the future, but for the time being have to settle for working harder & with more intelligence. 

Autumn Winter 2012-13 Guide to the Season - Sharp
'Intelligence' Trend Direction for Autumn Winter 2012-13

Trend Direction 4: New Type of Hero

Having lived through one of the most turbulent decades of recent times where the re-set button has been pressed several times via 9-11, global recession, and a series of environmental catastrophes, we are looking for a new breed of hero.

According to book 'The Fourth Turning' the millennials are just the ones for the job, and with countless references for Autumn Winter 2012-13 from the new James Bond movie to the Olympic Games, we see the archetypal, sartorial Brit with all of their subverted ways as the perfect anti-hero. 

'New Type of Hero' Trend Direction for Autumn Winter 2012-13

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New Millenials

1. Collection by Agi & Sam

2. Collection by Cacharel


1. Grace Jones, Image Courtesy of Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990, Victoria & Albert Museum

2. Collection by Hixsept


1. Collection by Mathew Miller

2. 'Hole in the Floor' by Raw Edges

New Type of Hero 

1. Collection Mjolk 

2. Esprit Car by Lotus 


Agi & Sam


Postmodernism Exhibition, V&A


Mathew Miller

Raw Edges



Fourth Turning


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