Autumn Winter 2013-14 'Guide to the Season' - Honest Trend Report

on 23/4/12

As the reality of the recession’s long-term impact continues to sink in, we no longer want to hear the continuing cries of austerity and cuts. With the dust starting to settle on a new global economy we wake-up to a dramatic re-evaluating of what we hold dear and the way in which we live our lives. 

So this theme is less about 'penny pinching' or draconian measures, but more about re-balancing our unsustainable dreams of the past with a new more simplistic and 'Honest' approach. As we forgo the designer lifestyle, we find that our aspirations are a lot more achievable as we focus on an attainable & considered life where family, friends, and living within our means become the most cherished.

The resulting influences shape a new aesthetic look & feel, with stripped back products and a soft colour palette that adds both interest & depth.

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