Autumn Winter 2013-14 'Guide to the Season' - Reflection Trend Report

on 16/3/12

Last Autumn Winter we looked at the ‘fragility’ between life & death and cherished mementoes that remind us of those we love once they have gone. This season we instead celebrate the style & grace of those born in the Twenties that have lived a long & eventful life, but rather than slowing down or fading into obscurity are ‘ratching’ everything up a notch or two and living life to the full.  

Added to this, we see this generation creating an amazing visual embodiment of the last century; with iconic figures both past and present such as Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Richard Burton, and Queen Elizabeth II all born in the mid-Twenties.  It is important to note this direction is not just a fascination with their bygone style, but by an eclectic snapshot of their complete lifetime up to present day.

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