Autumn Winter 2013-14 'Guide to the Season' - Tomorrow Trend Report

on 24/4/12

Creating a positive interpretation of 'Tomorrow' we start to envisage a global vision where the focus is no longer on mass consumption. Instead we re-design, re-balance and re-invigorate our communities and urban environments, permanently creating a more upbeat and worthwhile future.  

A completely new urban landscape being kick started in the West where people and enjoying life are at the heart, this is one of the largest shifts in social planning and development and will provide a radical shake up of our behaviour from the Government to us on the street. Look out for further developments where sharing & shared ownership is at the centre of it all, from space & buildings, transportation, to well-being & leisure activities.  

Importantly, we still embrace new technologies utilising them to become more than just connected, as they become woven into the very fabric of the structures and purpose of these new cityscapes. Where we do shop we make use of this technology to allow us 24/7 access, tactile and motion based interactivity, and location specific offers, whereas 3D printing means we can just drop into our local factory or store to pick up our own bespoke products. 

'Tomorrow' is a trend direction where technology and architecture & planning are the key focal points, whilst the emphasis on future lifestyles & communities mean that it also has a strong sense of optimism too.

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