Autumn Winter 2013-14 Textiles Trend Report - Reflection

on 6/9/12

'Reflection' is one of the key trends to influence interior fabrics for Autumn Winter 2013-14, as we take inspiration from Art Deco and a new Regalia. Whilst for fashion this same inspiration is seen in the bold use of gold in terms of simple finishes & panels, intricate patterning & embellishment and in the weave patterns.

With the obvious recent references in the UK of the Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games celebrations, we choose to forget our recent obsession with austerity and as in last season's 'Nouveau Riche' themes see a return to luxury codes and regal overtones.

Added to this, for this season we move this forward by being inspired by the 'Silent Generation' and are iconic representations of the last century as we try to capture the past 100 years in one season with ‘a journey through time’ expressed through the eclectic styling of those who have collected and curated their entire life.

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