Industry Interviews

Interview with Rob Elford, Designer - Rob Elford 3D Printed Wearable Art and Jewellery

on 3/1/14

Founded using the latest 3D printing technology, Rob Elford gives us an insight into how he uses these techniques to create jewellery & fashion. Read on >

Interview with Marloes ten Bhomer, Designer - Marloes ten Bhomer

on 27/12/13

A glimpse into the creative world of Marloes ten Bhomer an internationally renowned footwear designer. Read on >

Interview with Cynthia Lawrence-John, Editor-in-Chief & Fashion Director - Volt Publishing

on 23/11/13

One of the names behind the influential Volt Magazine Cynthia Lawrence-John, Editor-in-Chief & Fashion Director provides n insight into her world. Read on >

Interview with Arantza Vilas, Owner and Creative Director - Pinaki Studios

on 14/1/13

Arantza Vilas, founder, owner and creative director at Pinaki Studios shares her insight into contemporary textile design. Read on >

Interview with Cristie Jane Herbert - Director of CiCi PR & Events

on 8/12/12

Insight into the world of boutique PR and events from Cristie Herbert who offers a professional & tailored service to her lingerie, swimwear, accessories & beauty clients. Read on >

Interview with Jo Wiggins, Editor - ASOS Marketplace

on 4/12/12

Jo Wiggins Editor of ASOS Marketplace provides a sneak peak into life at this exciting new business. Here in her own words she explains a little about her background and how she came to be a part of the Marketplace. Read on >

Interview with Jennie Rivers, Director/Owner - Paper and Cloth Ltd

on 3/12/12

Owner & Director of Paper and Cloth Jennie Rivers chats to The Trend Boutique before her talk at our latest Student Conference. Read on >

Interview with Elena Corchero, Founder & Creative Director - Lost Values

on 1/12/12

An insight into the world of 'technocraft' with Elena Corchero, Founder of Lost Values that harnesses technology & craft within its products. Read on >

Interview with Tamsin Lejeune, Managing Director - Ethical Fashion Forum

on 24/11/12

Tamsin Lejeune is the founder and managing director of the Ethical Fashion Forum. Read on >

Interview with James Boardwell, Co-Founder - Folksy

on 29/2/12

Folksy co-founder James Boardwell provides a fantastic insight into the company and shares his thoughts & wisdom with The Trend Boutique. Read on >

Interview with Eli Ankutse, Co-Founder - Ape to Gentleman & Niven & Joshua

on 29/2/12

The Trend Boutique interviewed Eli from Ape to Gentleman and Niven & Joshua who took part in our Austerity vs. Luxury student conference. Read on >

Interview with Donna Bramhall, Director - Spinster's Emporium

on 12/2/12

An insight to the world of Donna Bramhall, the founder of Spinster's Emporium a company that supports craftspeople through its unique vintage materials and workshops for craft-virgins to die-hard fanatics. Read on >

Interview with Nicola Woods, Director & Owner - Beautiful Soul

on 23/1/12

A chance to learn more about Nicola Woods designer / owner behind the luxury eco label Beautiful Soul. Read on >

Interview with Derek Jackson, Global Ethical Trading Manager - Monsoon & Accessorize

on 17/1/12

This interview with Derek Jackson from Monsoon Accessorize provides a fantastic insight into the work that goes into bringing ethical & sustainable fashion to the High Street. Read on >

Interview with Davina Hawthorne, Director & Owner - Davina Hawthorne

on 11/1/12

Unique insight into the world of ethical womenswear label Davina Hawthorne & the inspirational person behind the company. Read on >

Interview with Katharine Ross, Corporate & Event Coordinator - Environmental Justice Foundation

on 7/1/12

Katharine Ross from the Environmental Justice Foundation shares her thoughts on some of the challenges we currently face as an industry and how students & graduates can prepare for a more sustainable future. Read on >

Interview with Ayten Mustafa, Creative Director & Owner - Ayten Gasson Lingerie

on 16/12/11

A fantastic chance to find out more about the creative force behind the Ayten Gasson Lingerie and her commitment to UK sourcing. Read on >

Interview with Luke Foy, Owner - Luke Foy Productions

on 14/11/11

Insight into the world of high profile catwalk shows & event management from Luke Foy of Luke Foy Productions. Read on >

Interview with Harry Weiler, Head of Designer Relations & Scouting - Not Just a Label

on 9/11/11

A great opportunity to hear from Harry Weiler about his role for Not Just a Label & his expertise in finding the best new designers. Read on >

Interview with Kaisa Leinonen, Visual Stylist & Blogger - John Lewis & the Window Display Blog

on 8/11/11

An insight into the world of visual merchandising & styling both online & offline with Kaisa Leinonen. Read on >

Interview with Laetitia Wajnapel, Journalist & Editorial Consultant from

on 8/11/11

The Trend Boutique interview Blogger and Journalist Laetitia Wajnapel aka Mademoiselle Robot. Read on >

Interview with Simon Cook - Founder, Illustrator and Designer at Stone and Spear

on 4/8/11

Simon Cook gives The Trend Boutique an insight of his career as Founder, Illustrator and Designer at Stone and Spear. Read on >

Interview with Adrienne Chinn, Design Director of Interior Design Company - Adrienne Chinn Design

on 11/7/11

Adrienne Chinn gives us an insight into her work as an Interior Designer and being the Design Director of Adrienne Chinn Design. Read on >

Interview with Matt Turnbull, Visual Interaction Designer - Nokia

on 10/7/11

Matt Turnbull gives us a glimpse into his role as a Visual Interaction designer at Nokia. Read on >

Interview with Dan Stafford, Illustrator

on 7/7/11

Dan Stafford gives The Trend Boutique a glimpse into his life as an Illustrator. Read on >

Interview with Lucy Player, Graphic Designer - Matt & George

on 21/6/11

Lucy Player gives us a glimpse into her life working as a Graphic Designer for Matt&George alongside her freelance designing Read on >

Interview with Romain Casella - Menswear Editor, Sketchbook Magazine

on 1/4/11

Romain Casella gives us a glimpse at his CV and what life is like working at Sketchbook Magazine. Read on >

Interview with Ivy Weir-Ikpeme - Stylist, Hunt Her Gatherer

on 11/3/11

Ivy Weir-Ikmeme is a stylist and founder of Hunt Her Gatherer. Read on >

Interview with Lonali Rodrigo - Founder of House of Lonali

on 8/3/11

Up & coming designer Lonali Rodrigo gives us an insight into what it is like to be an ethical fashion designer in Sri Lanka. Read on >

Interview with Aaron Ray Dowie - Founder, Aaron Ray Dowie Tailoring

on 20/1/11

A glimpse into the art of tailoring with Aaron Dowie who takes us through some of his highlights of being a true craftsman. Read on >

Interview with Janine Passley, Co-founder - Ei8ht Ethical Sourcing Consultancy

on 22/11/10

Janine Passley talks about her ethical sourcing work with leading online fashion retailer ASOS. Read on >

Interview with Lyla Patel, Head of Education - TRAID

on 18/11/10

A chance to find out more about Lyla Patel who heads up the education department of recycling organisation TRAID and how she works with thousands of students. Read on >

Interview with Amisha Ghadiali, Activist, Writer & Founder - Jewellery by Amisha: Elegance. Rebellion

on 16/11/10

Sustainable jewellery designer Amisha talks about how she started her business & offers some advice on what it takes to make a difference. Read on >

Interview with Elizabeth Laskar - Ethical & Fair Trade Consultant of Ethichic

on 6/11/10

Leading ethical stylist & consultant Elizabeth Laskar provides us with a unique insight into her world. Read on >

Interview with Simeon Hartwig, Managing Director - Bantum Clothing

on 6/11/10

Simeon Hartwig, leading 'heavyweight' at Bantum Clothing gives us a glimpse into what its like to run your own label. Read on >

Interview with Sarah Daly - Fashioning an Ethical Industry

on 4/11/10

A chance to find out what it's like to work for the 'Fashioning an Ethical Industry project, from Sarah Daly one of the speakers at our Global vs. Ethical conference. Read on >

Interview with Feng Ho, Creative Director & Founder - Feng Ho

on 4/11/10

Recent award winner & the name behind sustainable fashion label Feng Ho provides a glimpse into her world & sources of inspiration. Read on >

Interview with Nin Castle, Founder & Creative Director - Goodone

on 3/11/10

A great opportunity to find out more about what it takes to run a sustainable fashion label by Nin Castle, the founder & Creative Director of Goodone. Read on >

Interview with Catherine Watkins, CSR Manager - George @ Asda

on 1/11/10

A chance to find out more about Catherine Watkin's fascinating role as Corporate and Social Responsibility manager. Read on >

Interview with Paula Taylor, Colour Specialist - Graham & Brown

on 17/2/10

Paula Taylor, Colour Specialist at Graham & Brown offers a unique insight into her role and what inspires her. Read on >

Interview with Davinder Madaher, Freelance Textile Designer

on 12/2/10

Experienced freelance textile designer Davinder Madaher provides an overview of his varied career. Read on >

Interview with Rebekah Roy, Freelance Fashion Stylist

on 6/2/10

A chance to find out what it takes to work in styling from Rebekah Roy a leading freelance stylist. Read on >

Interview with Sophie Clinch, Creative Director & Freelance Design Consultant

on 6/2/10

Creative Director Sophie Clinch provides an insight into her amazing career. Read on >

Interview with Lee Lapthorne, Creative Director - On/Off

on 21/1/10

Interview with Lee Lapthorne, Creative Director for On/Off Read on >

Interview with Beate Kubitz, Co-founder - Makepiece

on 15/1/10

Beate Kubitz provides us with a glimpse into the extraordinary company Makepiece. Read on >

Interview with Susan Baker, Design Director - Hunters & Gatherers

on 14/1/10

Sue Baker, Design Director of Hunters & Gatherers provides an insight into her role. Read on >

Interview with Christina Williams, Editor - RAS Publishing

on 31/10/09

A glimpse at what its like to be a fashion journalist with Christina Williams. Read on >

Interview with David Lussey, Chief Technical Officer - Peratech

on 31/10/09

An interview with leading authority on electronic textiles, David Lussey of Peratech. Read on >

Interview with Clare Howard, Colour Forecast Manager - PPG Architectural Coatings

on 31/10/09

Colour specialist, Clare Howard provides some fantastic guidance for students & graduates, plus an overview of what her role involves. Read on >

Interview with Manel Torres, Managing Director - Fabrican

on 31/10/09

Manel Torres, Managing Director of Fabrican provides us with a unique insight into his world. Read on >


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