The Trend Boutique team are happy for you to contact us by e-mail via info@thetrendboutique.co.uk or telephone (during office hours 9.30am - 5.00pm GMT) on Tel: + 44 (0) 115 950 7079 with any queries you may have.

Alternatively, take a look at some of the answers to your F.A.Q for further information.   


Why Should I Subscribe? Subscribing provides you with full access to our seasonal trend forecasts that are updated on a regular basis. Without this you can only see the free content on the site.  

What Makes The Trend Boutique Different? We believe that the trend forecasting industry is evolving to become more internationally representative and of interest to a wider group of individuals & companies. Our trends provide a step by step guide to the season from the larger macrotrends driving our lifestyle changes through to directional & forward-thinking products & designers that are shaping the trends. We also like to feature up & coming designers that often push the boundaries and provide that all-important glimpse of what's next. 

Why Are Your Prices Lower Than Other Online Trend Sites? This is because our business model is different from other trend forecasters & we aim to generate additional revenue through advertising on the 'free' sections of the site in order to keep the cost affordable for all.  

Who Can Subscribe? Anyone with an interest in future trends can subscribe from the savvy consumer who wants to know more to the designer working for a large retailer or brand who wants additional trend resources & knowledge. 

What Can I Get For Free? If you do not wish to subscribe to the site, you can still set up a basic account for free so that you can be profiled on The Trend Boutique and access all the additional magazine style content & resources, such as 'Cool Finds', interviews & profiles with other designers and career & business advice. 

How Do I Get Added To The Mailing List? As soon as you set up an account (free or subscription) you will be added to our mailing list and receive regular updates & bulletins by e-mail. We try not to bombard you and on average you will receive 1-2 e-mails per month. 

How Do I Unsubscribe? Your subscription will automatically expire at the end of the sign-up period, however we will contact you to see if you wish to renew. If you have any difficulties you can also e-mail info@thetrendboutique.co.uk and we can delete your account for you.  

How Do I Renew My Subscription? You can renew your subscription by logging on to your account and there are clear instructions on how to renew. Alternatively just click on any of the paid for content and you will be asked to subscribe.

Do You Do Free Trial Subscriptions? No, our subscriptions are very flexible & priced so competitively that you shouldn't need to. If you start out with a month subscription this should give you a good idea of whether you wish to commit to a longer term subscription. Our archive section is also free and feature lots of past trend reports which are a good indication of what to expect. 

How Do I Organise Additional / Unlimited Usernames & Passwords? Add the additional users as free accounts and then contact us & we will make them live. Alternatively just contact us directly and we will add in one go upon the provision of a list of names & e-mail addresses.  


How Often Are The Trends Updated? Our trends are updated seasonally over a 3-6 month period. We always aim to have 2-4 seasons live at any one time with 4 trend directions per season.

How Far In Advance Are Your Trends Released? We work to industry standards of 18 months to 24 months in advance, however macrotrends can sometimes start to emerge earlier and product trends can often evolve, or split into additional microtrends, later and much closer to season.

What Trend Information Do You Receive Per Season? Each season we produce 1 x Colour Direction Report (With 24 Pantone Referenced Colours) 4 x Guides to the Season (covering the broader macrotrends & key references), 4 x Textiles Reports, 4 x Architecture, Interiors & Furniture Reports and 4 x Fashion Reports. We are also adding new reports too when we can. 

Is It Just Fashion Trends? No we do not focus on just fashion trends, but the wider consumer & lifestyle trends and how they are being interpreted for different sectors, such as architecture, textiles, product etc. We want to provide a much bigger picture, however we are very visual in our interpretations of these trends and feel fashion because of its cyclical nature can be a really good indicator or early example of a trend. The Editor of the site has a background in fashion & trends, often working with some of the most exciting fledgling designers to established multi-nationals - so a fashion sensibility runs throughout all our work. 

Are Your Trends Accurate? We take a top down approach, so always start by looking at the political, economical, social, and technology shifts followed by a review of a multitude of visual, design, and artistic references mapping & linking together all the key ponts to create a specific trend direction. Our work is based on our own blend of intuition, industry experience and hard facts & careful research. In terms of the timings of our trends, because we work in this way & capture information early, we are often more in tune with the designer collections & more directional trade shows than the high street.

Why Use A Trend Forecasting Company? As an individual designer or design team time can be very precious, so a trend forecaster's role is to provide a creative boost for the season / year through new & original sources of inspiration, global insights and directional products & brands to watch. As researchers they are able to take some of the legwork out of the design process, for instance The Trend Boutique on average looks at more than 20,000 fashion images & collections per season to ensure that they are able to pinpoint those key looks that will have the most influence. Those using the information will then use it as an initial starting point or guide, as well as verification for their ideas whilst always adapting them to their own market & design handwriting. 

What Makes A Trend? Each season or year most forecasters will be looking at the same or similar information and key reference points, however it is the way that they draw the strands together and visually interpret that trend that varies or the timings of when they feel a trend will hit. Different trend forecasters can often come up with the same or similar ideas without ever collaborating - this is because we are reading the information accurately and can be very reassuring. Forecasters do not make trends up or come up with them on a whim, but through careful research, foresight and interpretation for the market.  

Can I Get Further Information On How Trends Work? The Trend Boutique do regular workshops on how trend forecasting works, present internationally at industry trade fairs & events, as well as a series of Student Conferences & Trend Briefings (in collaboration with The Future Laboratory) for academia. Please see our events section for the latest details. 

Do You Offer A Consultancy Service or In-house Presentations? Yes, The Trend Boutique has presented internationally at both major tradeshows and for individual companies and brands. It has also provided pre-trend information / support and sales services for other major forecasting companies and also 

Can You Download The Information? Yes most of the information is downloadable in Adobe PDF format. These should not be shared with non-subscribers or online & please respect the intellectual property of the individual designers & brands featured. We also provide full weblinks to all designers & artists featured to aid further independent research. Please note we do not provide garment sketches or print graphics. 

What Catwalk / Fashion Week Coverage Do You Have? Our catwalk coverage is mainly focussed on the key shots we use within our trend articles plus we also have live streams of the catwalk shows during the main Fashion Weeks. If we like a collection we may also write a 'Cool Find' article too, however as there is already great coverage on the likes of Vogue.co.uk and Style.com we do not feel this is the most effective use of our resources.  

Do You Use Street Style Photography? No this is not one of our chosen methods of research, however you are more than welcome to add your own street style shots to your profile (just ask permission from the person you take the photo of though). 

What About Copyright & Permissions To Reproduce?  We take intellectual property seriously, and as we are using some of the most directional & innovative products to illustrate our trends - we always aim to get full permission from the original designer or artist (or their representatives) before we use any images on www.thetrendboutique.co.uk  We will also correct or remove images when requested. If using our site we ask you to please act in a similar responsible manner - so although you are free to blog, pin or re-post the free content for non-commercial gain, we ask you to reference both The Trend Boutique (with weblink) and the original designer or artist. Reproduction, distribution or posting online of our subscription-only trends content is strictly prohibited and we will prosecute anyone found doing so.

Contact The Trend Boutique info@thetrendboutique.co.uk or telephone ++ 44 (0)115 9529116


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