Prince of all Men by Nadine Peters

on 12/2/13

Nadine's debut collection titled: Princely-Prince Of All Men is about style and flair, drawing inspiration from the 70's style of Jamaican classic films such as 'Rockers' and combining the elegance of her grandfather- Joseph Princley Peters' individual manner. Nadine not only looked to her grandfather and family as muses but also was inspired by Miles Davis and Jean Michel Basquiat, for not just their effortless style and engaging confidence, but for their association with music and their vivid coloury.

Princely by Nadine Peters Photo Credit: Jeff Boudreau

Nadine Peters not only wants to in-store 'Power' back into a man's walk, but also their wardrobe. Nadine teamed up with photographer Jeff Boudreau to create a soft and inspiring editorial shoot. The collection links beautifully to our 'Fraternity' trend for Spring Summer 2014: 'Fraternity' is all about the growing potence of men, from the influence of the menswear collections to men finally finding a new sense of identity, belonging and brotherhood in the 21st century.

Princely by Nadine Peters Photo Credit: Jeff Boudreau

Princely by Nadine Peters Photo Credit: Jeff Boudreau

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