Spring Summer 2011 Austerity Trend Confirmation

on 12/1/11

The Trend Boutique started predicting the key trends for Spring Summer 2011 12-18 months ago, and one of these key trends was 'Austerity'.  We identified how austerity was a driving force for the season and split the trend in to four directions to create a 'Guide to the Season'.

The important thing is this report is a confirmation of the trend, rather than a prediction, as the prediction process happened a long time ago, we then mapped the high end product development , and this is the final stage as the trend makes its way into store. This is one of the trends that will evolve in to 'Function' for Autumn Winter 2011-12, but other predicted trends may not develop further and will start to disappear after Summer 2011.

Here we take a look at some of the first products and collections on the high street and by leading UK brands that are following the pattern of the trends we predicted.  As we progress in to Spring Summer, we will keep adding to these confirmations as more products are released on to the high street.

We Said .... Direction 1: 'Austere Luxury'

Spring Summer 2011 has been called the 'Age of Austerity' from fashion editors to politicians, here we look at how the luxury market is evolving to cope with this new way of life. What we like is that this doesn't mean that products need to become inferior or dull:

  • Wealthy customers eschew the overt branding of the past and opt for more discreet, hidden codes.

Net-a-porter Packaging Options
Net-a-Porter's Discreet Packaging Options

The Conran Shop Marilyn Trunk
Spring Summer 2011 Product Shot (Marilyn Trunk) - The Conran Shop

Heals LightingHeals Lighting
Left: Product Shot (Crystal Oval Hanging Pendant Light) - Heals
Right: Product Shot (Noce Crystal Pendant Light) - Heals

  • We learn to love simpler, more straightforward materials such as paper leather and concrete
  • Imperfections are celebrated and craftsmanship is once again revered

The Conran ShopThe Conran Shop

Left and Right: Spring Summer 2011 Product Shots (Chisel Range) - The Conran Shop

We Said .... Direction 2: 'Pared-Down Fashion'

Basic colour palettes with brighter accents are the key to the new minimalist wardrobe, here we take a look at some of the interpretations of this trend direction:

  • Classics get re-interpreted into even simpler, cleaner straight lines.

Yuki TokyoYuki Tokyo
Left and Right: Campaign Shots - Yuki Tokyo

Yuki TokyoYuki Tokyo
Left and Right: Campaign Shots - Yuki Tokyo

  • A reversal of the exaggerated ‘look-at-me’ styling of recent seasons
  • Understated pieces take on a new femininity as strength comes from within.

Topshop SS11Topshop SS11
Left and Right: Spring Summer 2011 Campaign - Topshop

We Said .... Direction 3: 'Re-use & Re-cycle'

Waste not, want not becomes the latest design code whilst taking a more sophisticated  approach to up-cycling & re-cycling:

  • We make use of the old & disregarded to create hybrid products
  • We finally start to grips with the concept of zero-waste.

Godspeed Post-it lampGodspeed Smooth stick chair
Left: Product Shot (Post-it Lamp) - Godspeed
Right: Product Shot (Smooth Stick Chair) - Godspeed

  • We look to new advanced materials created from recycled waste
  • Products are re-worked & adapted, & recycling generally becomes more sophisticated & aesthetically pleasing

Feng Ho - Cubist DreamFeng Ho - Butterfly House
Left: Cubists Dream Campaign - Feng Ho
Right: Butterfly Campaign - Feng Ho

We Said .... Direction 4: 'Upbeat Optimism'

The most cheerful of all the ‘austerity’ directions this direction fits perfectly & has a colour palette similar to our hyper-nature trend direction too.

  • We make the most of our new simpler lifestyles with the most cheerful of all the 'austerity' directions.

River Island SS11 WW CollectionRiver Island SS11 WW Collection
Left and Right: Spring Summer 2011 Campaign - River Island

  • Attitudes shift towards a fun, bright playful outlook

The Conran Shop Coloured Lanterns
Spring Summer 2011 Product Shot (Outdoor Lanterns from India) - The Conran Shop

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