Spring Summer 2011 & Autumn Winter 2011-12 Product & Interior Trends - DMY 2010, Berlin

on 19/7/10

The various Design Weeks, that take place around the world, are always fantastic places for inspiration and to see the most cutting-edge and directional designers across product, furniture and interiors. The recent exhibition DMY 2010, the International Design Festival that took place in Berlin was no exception.

With a series of major installations, central & satellite exhibitions and talks by the 'great & good' of the industry this festival was an amazing opportunity to look for new emerging trends and immerse yourself in such an array of talent & creativity.

The Trend Boutique have therefore put together a report of the festival, highlighting some of the key product directions we felt were important.

Product Direction 1: Construction Materials

Industrial-looking, stripped-back design is an essential element of the 'Austere Luxury' trend that we are seeing coming through for Spring Summer 2011 and continuing for Autumn Winter 2011-12. As we move towards this new age of austerity we are re-writing the aesthetic codes as we look for pared-down, hidden luxury with 'quiet' branding. The use of 'rougher', more masculine and less traditional construction materials as a key feature and a thing of beauty was very evident at DMY Berlin 2010.

Created by German design company betonWare, their Würfel concept is a series of modular furniture that has a moulded concrete block at the heart of it. The 'block' can be used on its own or can be used with their wooden frames & trestle tables to create larger pieces.

DMY Berlin 2010

Würfel _03 by betonWare exhibited at DMY, Berlin

The Trend Boutique also liked their perfectly simple lights that can be hung on a singular basis or as a group, what could be more minimalist than a lightbulb & the most pared-down concrete fitting.

DMY Berlin 2010Light by betonWare exhibited at DMY Berlin 2010

Demakersvan's 'lace' fences illustrate how despite the basic nature of the materials used, they can still create pieces of design with great intricacy & beauty. The idea though is to rather than just see it as an art piece, for it to continue in its original format of a simple & practical fence.

DMY Berlin 2010'Lace' Fence by Demakersvan

Combining the intricacy of the fencing and the industrial nature of the concrete, Doreen Westphal has created the amazing 'Concrete Lace' that is made from reinforced concrete which is hung on ribbon or 1mm steel cables with stunning effect.

DMY Berlin 2010'Concrete Lace' by Doreen Westphal

Product Direction 2: Utilitarian

Continuing on the theme of a more austere way of life for Autumn Winter 2011-12 we see the return of the utilitarian trend of the Nineties. Already making its way into fashion for the interiors & product market we see it manifesting itself into simple structures & colour palettes with a 'work bench' or 'something we knocked up earlier' feel.

A great example of the utility product direction was seen by the installations commissioned by gallery owners Illustrative called Director's House, with pieces created by Studio Gorm aimed at achieving 'smart objects without pretension'. Both pieces featured show a simple aesthetic that fits neatly into this ideal.

DMY Berlin 2010Installation by Studio Gorm

DMY 2010 BerlinInstallation by Studio Gorm

The Trend Boutique also like the work of DMY Award winners Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders that brings together 'the light' that in turn shines onto the 'contents' placed underneath, when combined with the shape & aesthetics aims to create a contemporary interpretation on a 'classic centrepiece'.

DMY Berlin 2010Lights by Daphna Issacs & Laurens Manders

DMY Berlin 2010Lights by Daphna Issacs & Laurens Manders

We also liked the industrial feel of 'Switchpoint' by Matthias Ries Design Office where this clever light has a dimmable function integrated into the lever of the lamp itself. By moving the lever from left to right you have a very intuitive way of adjusting the amount of light.

DMY Berlin 2010
'Switch Point' by Matthias Ries Design Office

'Plus One' is also a clever idea by the same studio where you can additional storage container for any kind of regular shelf.  It is used as a feature piece to highlight key books or items and is made from walnut or maple feneer with individually knitted socks for the tube, which not only protect the surfaces where it is attached, but add an additional aesthetical level.
DMY Berlin 2010'Switch Point' by Matthias Ries Design Office

Product Direction 3: Splashes of Colour

Adding a sense of fun via a splash of colour ensures that these pared-down products don't become too focussed solely on the function or too severe. Mainly using primary colours or vibrant accents of fluorescent orange it creates a more upbeat take on the utilitarian, modern furniture.

A great example of this is the work of designer Francis Chabloz & his company Label Objet Products who has created tables & chairs with flashes of orange & blue.

DMY Berlin 2010Table & stools by Francis Chabloz, Labelobjet Products

Sabine Melis has created a simple way for old & young to come together with her modular furniture that can be stacked, re-arranged to accomodate young children & adults at the same time. Flashes of primary colours against the light woods used allow for a fun, every day item.

DMY Berlin 2010

Table & Chair by Sabine Melis

Matthias Ries Design Office work also featured the introduction of simple touches of colour as a design feature on the legs of tables & other furniture.

DMY Berlin 2010Table by Matthias Ries Design Office

DMY Berlin 2010Close-up of table by Matthias Ries Design Office

Product Direction 4: Re-cycled & Up-cycled

Another direction The Trend Boutique are talking a great deal about is the concept of recycling & upcycling products with a more upbeat, & optimistic take on the way we consume. As we move away from an era of mass consumption to one where we make the most of existing resources & products, we see a new less conspicious branding & design aesthetic where simplicity is the key.

The Trend Boutique liked 'Modrobe' & 'Rags to Riches' by Matthias Ries Design Office, which is a modular wardrobe & storage system that offers functionality, with a pretty, pared down style.

DMY Berlin 2010'Modrobe' & 'Rags to Riches' by Matthias Ries Design Office

The work of Frank Michels is based on the concept of rural & suburban bricolage, which is the idea of making products from anything that is available. We really like his ceramics that are a series of one-offs that are bought together to create an adorable, yet eclectic collection.

DMY Berlin 2010
One-offs by Frank Michels

Rustic x industrial is a patchwork of prototypes and materials that come together to create a mish-mash of furniture ideas with a real functional approach.

DMY Berlin 2010
Rustic x Industrial by Frank Michels

Product Direction 5: Padded Upholstery

The final direction is a fun approach to upholstery with intricate or exagerated proportions where padded structures are the central focus. Overall they still keep fairly simple design lines, but are given interest through this directional approach.

A stunning, moulded textile chair was on show by Studio Hausen that offers the user with a sumptuous & intricate piece of furniture that shows real craftmanship. Like a delicate piece of coral this chair creates a great focal point without being too oestentatious.

DMY Berlin 2010
Chair by Studio Hausen

DMY Berlin 2010Close-up of Chair by Studio Hausen

Bringing together the re-cycle & re-use direction above and the idea of clever upholstery Pepe Heykoop, a graduate from Design Academy, Eidenhoven created 'Stitch' which is a family of discarded items found on the street or in the second hand shop. They then took each item & gave it its own handstiched skin stuffed with soft fibres to create a new shape.

DMY Berlin 2010'Stitch' by Pepe Heykoop

DMY Berlin 2010'Stitch' by Pepe Heykoop

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