Spring Summer 2011 'Guide to the Season' - Nature Trend Report

on 16/8/10

Nature is a driving force for Spring Summer 2011 as we fall back in love with our planet & natural environment. This theme offers a much-needed sense of escapism & creative reserve against the recent hard times.

From the discovery of new species to ‘going green’ being back on the agenda after a recent hiatus, we explore the length, breadth, & depths of the globe for inspiration.

Trend Direction 1: Artificial Nature

A mix of the real & the fake combine to create a ‘hyper-real’ nature that heightens the senses in a colour palette of sugary pastels with intense accents.

This is an upbeat trend direction which offers wildlife-inspired digital prints, luminous lightweight materials & ‘trompe l'oeil’ effects to create a fresh take on nature.  

Artificial Nature Trend Board - Spring Summer 2011

Artificial Nature Trend Direction for Spring Summer 2011 - See Downloadable Version For Full References

Trend Direction 2: Ocean's Depths

Diving deep into unfathomable oceans creates a rich palette of intense teals & electric blues that contrast perfectly against bright flashes inspired by underwater creatures.

Following on from last summer’s digital fashion prints, this theme should be seen for the home & product design and by immersing ourselves in nature should provide us with endless sources of inspiration.

Ocean's Depth Trend Board - Spring Summer 2011Ocean's Depths Trend Direction for Spring Summer 2011 - See Downloadable Version For Full References

Trend Direction 3: Enchanting Woods

Rustic-looking woods make a return within architecture & furniture design as we embrace a more natural approach after endless years of laminates & MDF.

Furniture is grown rather than made, whilst buildings become cocoon-like nests. Wood creates a perfect humble, yet majestic material for this nature-based trend and is truly wonderful when the natural form & imperfections are a key focal point.

Enchanting Woods Trend Board - Spring Summer 2011
Enchanting Woods Trend Direction for Spring Summer 2011 - See Downloadable Version For Full References

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For Download Version

/files/files/Guide to season SS11 - Nature.pdf


Artificial Nature

1. Alive, but Dead by Peter Callesen
2. Spirit Fruit by Jeremy Wintrebert
3. Duplex by Constance Guisset
4. Local River by Mathieu Lehanneur

Ocean’s Depth

1. Papalla Light, Maison et Objet. Paris
2. Fin Armchair by NODA Designs
3. Verre Luissant by Marie-Aurore Stiker
4. Summer Trees Commode by Tord Boontje

Enchanting Woods

1. Bear’s Cave by Paul Coudamy
2. Eco House by 24h
3. Birch Furniture by Greg Hatton

Peter Callesen

Jeremy Wintrebert

Constance Guisset

Mathieu Lehanneur

Maison et Objet

NODA Designs

Tord Boontje

Paul Coudamy


Greg Hatton


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