Spring Summer 2011 Lingerie Trend Report from Interfiliere

on 7/2/10

The trade show for specialist lingerie fabrics, accessories and trends recently took place in Paris, always a focal point for those in the industry The Trend Boutique were in attendance to take a look at the trend forums & fabric direction.

For those working in this specialist sector it is a must-attend event due to its large number of fabric, accessories and component suppliers ensuring that this show acts as a focal point each season to the lingerie industry. Linked to this is the fact it takes place next door to the product show Le Salon International de la Lingerie where many of the designer & boutique lingerie labels show, another great source of inspiration.

Even if you are not lingerie specific it is still a good show to visit for early trend direction as it takes place nearly one month ahead of Premiere Vision, and with the continued movement & links between intimates and outerwear plus hybrid concepts like loungerie coming to the fore, it is important that fashion designers also look to this show for ideas.

With this in mind we bring you a full trend report on all the key direction and what is driving the various trends, key focus points for the lingerie market, and a round-up of resources & fabric direction.

Interfiliere identified four main trend themes for the Spring / Summer 11 these were …


Interfiliere Trend Forum for SS11- Tendresse
Trend Forum for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Tendresse Theme (Interfilière January 2010)

Trend Drivers:
The lingerie sector continues to be influenced by the antique and vintage, which is in keeping with the move towards sustainable fashion and garment longetivity.  What we as consumers are looking for is products with which we can connect or that have meaning, the new cherished antique pieces of the future.  The idea is to blend these old, more vintage pieces or vintage styling with the modern techniques to create comfort & beauty. This theme is very pertinent for the younger fashion market where they are starting to see shapewear as a staple product, plus pretty prints in loungerie make for 'daysleepwear' that is feminine & charming.

Colour Direction:
Key colour direction for the Tendresse theme includes soft pastels with flesh tones, florals have rose tints, and sheer neutral base tones combining to create feminine hues with real depth of colour. 


Interfiliere SS11 Trends - Tendresse
Trend Direction for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Tendresse Theme (Interfilière January 2010)

Fabric  Direction:
The return of florals are seen in a delicate style, offered in large & small scale that juxtapose to comand attention or the larger scale seen on key product items such as high-leg briefs or 'very wide, very stretchy bands'. Antique effects combine with a modern touch to create that vintage-inspired, precious feel plus sequins create pretty flourishes. Lace in various guises from minamilist, all over designs with self trim, to true lace for the luxury market give fabrics a strong nostalgic identity whilst still remaining youthful.

Product Direction:  
This soft, feminine theme with an emphasis on the technical is ideal for the current shapewear trend, specifically for the younger market (see our shapewear report below), Interfilière identified ‘Shapewear has power net in adorable, very stretchy patterns is ultra soft and finally offers something for the young woman'. It also sees the growth of the other key market focus, loungerie, with Liberty prints for for 'girlie' nightwear and the continued rise of the 'tregging'.

Interfiliere SS11 Trends - Tendresse
Trend Direction for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Tendresse Theme (Interfilière January 2010)


Trend Forum Interfiliere - Oasis theme
Trend Forum for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Oasis Theme (Interfilière January 2010)

Trend Drivers:
An eclectic theme inspired by the natural earth
and global cultural references this theme takes inspiration from deep odyssey blues & teals and desert sand & teracotta tones. Nomadic influences, as we travel around the world to find rich sources of visual references and design ideas. Borrowing from each culture allows us to create diverse points of design from fluid sarouel bottoms to Morrocan-inspired openwork, as long as each emphasis is natural and earthy.

Colour Direction:
Natural terrain tones that offer soft pink tints, with teracottas that touch on the nude, flesh-colours, to safari browns that remind us of cracked, dry, earth. These are complimented with dense, water tones with deep-sea blues and odyssey-style teals to create rich fluidity when combined with the earthy tones, add a splash of acid green to provide contrast.

Interfiliere Trend Report - Oasis Trend
Trend Direction for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Oasis Theme (Interfilière January 2010)

Fabric Direction:
Patterns are highlighted through glaze  effects as if found on Morrocan tiles plus have global graphic references, whilst animal influences (snakeskin & leopard) are found on tulles and sequin flourishes. Lace is combined with jacquards whilst also being seen in the dual colour palette of deep blues & earthy skin tones. Acid green can be seen in pretty florals to create oasis style bursts of colour and Lurex yarns add a more precious feel.

Product Direction:
Loose sarouel style bottoms combined with soft sleeveless tops create soft draping for a mysterious, sensual feel for nightwear and loungerie. This is followed up with sophisticated, fluid or printed kaftans with contrasting briefs. Whilst surface pattern created by lace and seaming offers cami tops and knickers a pretty edge.

Interfiliere Trend Report - Oasis Fabric Direction
Trend Direction for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Oasis Theme (Interfilière January 2010)


Trend Forum Interfiliere - Antidote
Trend Forum for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Antidote Theme (Interfilière January 2010)

Trend Drivers:
Bold, African-inspired theme with strong bright colours and geometric & botanical prints to give a high summer, exotic feel. This is theme picks up on our love of nature, our new eco-conscience, but combines it with a fresh approach that is in tune with our new sense of optimism. Young, fresh and fun, we also see the introduction of new technologies as we see our future lying in the careful balance between nature and science and the latest in these fields. We no longer have to choose between one & the other as our environmental and eco choices offer us a bright future.

Colour Direction:
Multicoloured brights, that are either taken from tropical prints or traditional African weaves to create a bold clash of colours. Deep strong blues & teals, with bright tulip pinks, dirty acidic greens, and electric oranges provide a mish mash of acid tone pastels that are perfect for high summer.

Interfiliere Trend Report - Antidote Theme
Trend Direction for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Tendresse Theme (Interfilière January 2010)

Fabric Direction:
Prints are the key focus of this theme with crystal, kaleidescopic geometrics, tropics, tribal stripes, and large florals whilst for embellishments these are folklore influenced embroideries.  The other key focus is obviously colour with its eclectic mix of acid hues, fruity pastels and deep base tones all with shiny touches and finishes. A very young theme influenced by the likes of Alexander McQueen's womenswear collections and his amazing show-stopping prints that relies on  precision cuts.

Product Direction:
A real focus on the crossover points between lingerie, swimwear & high summer outerwear sees a combination of non-matching tops and bottoms. Swimwear, pareos and matching beach dresses all have an ethnic style as if blown in on a tropical storm, with fusions of large florals and animal prints. This is also a great theme for mens beachwear with patterned bermuda shorts and mismatched jackets.

Interfiliere Trend Report - Antidote Fabric Direction
Trend Direction for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Tendresse Theme (Interfilière January 2010)


Trend Forum - Interfiliere - Sublime
Trend Forum for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Sublime Theme (Interfilière January 2010)

Trend Drivers:
Sophisticated lingerie that escapes the everyday to create passion that pampers all the senses, pleasure, seduction, and ardent love are at the heart. Moving on from the burlesque, this theme is more cabaret and exotic as we move towards an imaginative and dreamlike existence. Glamourous through & through this is grown up lingerie that focuses on fit and form.

Colour Direction:
Blue & black combinations are still at the fore which adds a level of sultry sophistication for Spring Summer. Whilst seductive pinks and reds are not overtly obvious but tone on tone. Graphic lines are also key which combine with soft metalics making this a very stylish colour palette.


Interfiliere Trend Report - Sublime Theme
Trend Direction for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Sublime Theme (Interfilière January 2010)

Fabric Direction:
Power net takes its inspiration from corsets to create a sexy look, whilst remaining soft and stretchy. Intricate, light fabrics and laces also provide support
and help to shape the body for everyday wear, plus all-over lace designs can also be seen in dresses or corsets that match with bra and panties. Jewel encrusted finishes are also applied to create theatrical superfluities.

Product Direction:
Ultra-sexy styling with dramatic cut-outs or designs that drop away at the back, and this theme takes body-con to the next level with theatrical flourishes and detailing. Sophisticated drama with emphasis on the shoulder and eighties corsetry that all makes shapewear so glamourous and luxurious that it no longer wants to stay hidden.


Interfiliere Trend Report - Sublime Fabric Direction
Trend Direction for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière - Sublime Theme (Interfilière January 2010)

Design & Fabric Focus - Alpine Romance

As well as the key trend themes & direction for the season, for Spring Summer 11 Interfilière also created its trend forums and special features, one of them being a collaboration between leading European fabric and lace manufacturers and Cheynet Elastics. The idea was to highlight the high level of design and trend direction present, whilst also giving these Swiss and Austrian embroiderers and accessory manufacturers own take on the recent catwalk shows by Cavalli, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Dior and how they should be interpreted for the lingerie sector for Spring Summer 11.

Alpine Romance Trend Forum - Interfiliere
Alpine Romance Trend Forum for Spring Summer 11 by Interfilière (Interfilière January 2010)

This special feature from Interfilière has been included in this report by The Trend Boutique as its great for students and graduates to get to know some of the leading suppliers and also a fantastic additional source of inspiration.

Porcelain Florals with Inter-SpitzenMeadow Flowers with Isco-Isidor
'Porcelain Florals' with Inter-Spitzen

'Meadow Florals' with Isco-Isidor

Delft Blue with Hammerle & VogelHeidi in Love with Eisenhut
'Delft Blue' with Hämmerle & Vogel

'Heidi in Love' with Eisenhut

Gorgeous Blacks with Forcester RohnerAn Ode to Chanel with Union
'Gorgeous Blacks' with Forster Rohner

'An Ode to Chanel' with Union

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