Spring Summer 2012 Architecture, Interiors & Furniture Trend Report

on 13/2/11

This is the second of The Trend Boutique's major reports on how the trend themes of Harvest, Intense, Senses and Spirited are being interpreted for Spring Summer 2012 within the areas of Architecture, Interiors & Furniture.

Covering product direction from many of the International trade fairs & exhibitions, as well as, influential designers, artists and architects within this field, we have then linked these back to the main themes identified by The Trend Boutique over the last 6 months.
Offering both a source of inspiration & initial product direction across the main trends identified, this report also adds confirmation of the key themes. The Trend Boutique have captured each of the main directions for Spring Summer 2012 season within this one report - so students or graduates from all disciplines can benefit from it, whether looking for specific product references or general inspiration.
This report covers all aspects of architecture, interiors, & furniture and here is how we feel the themes of Harvest, Intense, Senses, & Spirited can be seen within these areas...


Nature continues to blossom throughout Spring Summer 2012, and this season we see a subtle shift in focus towards a seamless synergy between our urban lives and our surroundings.  Deference runs deep as we take a look at how nature's plentiful bounty sustains us on both a physical & spiritual level. Connections are felt as we watch our environment & ecology evolve with the seasons and provide endless references. 

  •  Ceramic & interior products embrace the cyclical elements of the season from the first green shoots of spring to the late summer decay as autumn approaches.

Growing Ceramics Board
Green Vase by Christiane Perrochon Image Copyright Yutaka Yamamoto (Left) Naturalia, Handcrafted Vases in Stoneware by Studio Elica (Right) 


Spring Summer 2012 - Architecture Interiors & Furniture
Spike Bowls by Devi Design (Top Left), Escagot by Lilas Force (Bottom Left), Naturalia, Handcrafted Vases in Stoneware by Studio Elica (Right)

  • Allotment culture is no longer confined to the outdoors as we bring our desire for self-sustainability indoors with 'grow your own' furniture and soft furnishings.

Growing Food The Trend Boutique Board
Indoor Farming by Pia Wustenberg

Living Accessories Board
Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg

  • Harvest time is traditionally a celebration of nature's abundance & its ability to sustain us, food crops naturally become a main focal point for interior accessories. 

Spring Summer 2012 - Architecture Interiors & Furniture
Uxus Manifesto by Uxus (Left), Ground, Dutch Design Week (Right)

  • Rurban continues as it becomes less about the 'country set' way of living & more about the melding of the two styles in a very literal way. 

Rurban Board
Corbeillles Artenica by Les Freres Campana, Image Courtesy of Maison et Objet (Left) Prélude by USIN-e (Right)

  • Flora & fauna becomes the heart of products, indoor / outdoor takes on a whole new meaning as trees take centre stage.

Spring Summer 2012 - Architecture Interiors Furniture
Sardana Bench & Planter by Studio CrousCalogero (Left) Products with meaning, Teun Projects (Right)

  • Wood has always been a fundamental element of furniture design and as we continue to explore the idea of 'imperfections as a form of perfection', we start to see quirky takes on the idea of wooden furniture.


Rustic Wooden Furniture
YP (Young Professionals) graduates, SintLucas


The Trend Boutique are not the only ones talking about intensity, as the latest reports from the recent Maison et Objet, Paris talked about two key focuses that of the senses and intense colour palettes. For our trend direction 'Intense' we see references throughout architecture, interiors and furniture as we ramp up depth of colour and seek some of that South American passion.

  • Angular architecture is given even more dramatic effect through large scale colour blocking in clashing, vibrant colours.

Spring Summer 2012 - Architecture, Interiors, & Furniture
Theatre Agora in Lelystad by UNStudio.  Photographer: Christian Richters

  • Home interiors & furniture take on a multi-coloured palette where deep purples & vibrant reds are contrasted with fresher blues & yellows to give a carnival feel. 


Brights Board
Shapeways (36 Pencil Bowl) by Michiel Cornelissen (Top Left), The Nook Stool by Vial (Bottom Left), Tie Dye by Rocio Moreno Textiles (Right)

  • Interiors have an ambundance of heritage-based inspiration as worn frescos and tableaus come from 'Argentina Past'.

Spring Summer 2012 - Architecture Interiors Furniture
Nobody & Co Lookbook.  Image Courtesy of Studio Toogood

  • The plains of Argentina become a vital influence, so just as we see 'Gaucho' styling in fashion, strong cattle ranch references are taken into the home.

Cattle Ranch Board
Corzo de Plata (blue) & Verraco Ora by Benoit Peleran pour Crânatomie (Left & Top Right) Furniture MonaLisa by Tine Krumhorn (Middle Right) Chaises Manolete et Taureau by Pascale Freydier (Bottom Right) 

  • Sombre flambouyance is seen through intense tone-on-tone colour palettes used within intricate damask & flock patterning to create a sense of splendour whilst showing restraint at the same time.

Sombre Flamboyance Board
Shetland Collection by Loris Zanca (Bottom Left), Atelier by Mirage Granito Ceramico (Right)


All of our senses are utilised within this theme as the interior environment becomes more tactile. As reported from the major interior shows, intense sensory experiences become the 'norm' as we look to embrace a new 5 senses approach. Sound & taste becomes as important as visual aesthetics, whilst we also continue to interact with each other and our surroundings. Connections once again become all-important.

  • The sense of taste is all important as convivial dinning connects us with one another, we also take references from body & the idea of sharing experiences.

Spring Summer 2012 - Architecture Interiors Furniture
Tantalus by Ioli Kalliopi Sifakaki

  • We immerse ourselves in tactile experiences as furniture becomes something we interact & connect with. 

Spring Summer 2012 - Architecture Interior Furniture
Hugme by Olivia Decaris

  • New versatile materials allow us to offer more sensitive and tactile products. Creating something unexpected, traditional solids make way for a more fluid, almost sensual alternative.

Spring Summer 2012 - Architecture Interiors Furniture
Pouch by Olivia Decaris


The new 'spirited' lifestyle makes its way into interiors with quirky plays on tradional pieces, bold bright attention-grabbing colour palettes that give a modern feel, a basic utilitarian simplicity that has a real DIY approach and crafts that are updated & digital. The key goal is to have a younger and more 'anything goes' methodology rather than the previous seasons more heritage or vintage styling. 

  • Black & white graphics give a sense of defiance & rebellion

Defiance Board
Onomatopee 52: Pre-Specifics: Access X!, Onomatopee (Right) 

  • Modern brights have an ecological feel with recycled plastics & components and a playful retro touch through curved lines

Modern Bright Board
Welcome Together, Niek van der Heijden + Renée Rutten (Right) 

  • A new industrial feel created through simple DIY styling with flashes of bright colours 

New Industrial
Alessia Cadamuro, Graduation Show Design Academy Eidenhoven (Left) Noordelijk Talent (Right) 

  • Pixelated digital references look set to continue, this season they get more sophisticated and less obvious through ceramic accessories & raised surfaces

Pixelated Board
Masterclass kunststoffen, Kunstenaarswerkplaats Beeldenstorm (Left), Rainbow Cabinet by Jean Boggio for Franz (Right) Square Buffet by Olivier Dolle Image Copyright Nicolas Scordia (Below)

  • Traditional furniture is given a bright touch with dashes of colour

Traditional Brights
The wood-ceramic furniture, Cao interieur / Kesemy Design (Top) Buffet by Ru édition (Bottom) 

  • Period furniture is bought up to date through quirky plays on tradition and a grand 'recycled' aesthetic

Twist on Tradition
Sofa XVIII/21-02 by Serge Mansau (Right)

  • Crafts are either digital or have a DIY stripped back aesthetic  

Spring Summer 2012 Architecture, Interiors & Furniture

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