Spring Summer 2012 'Guide to the Season' - Harvest Trend Report

on 2/10/10

Following on from the last Spring Summer's 'Nature' theme, we see a gentle evolution towards designs that harness our environment in its most organic & raw form.

Inspiration embraces the natural world, with delicate products made from flora & fauna through to ambitious fantasy-style architecture that is 'at one' with its surroundings.
Trend Direction 1: Throw Away
Eluding a fragile, delicate style, this new generation of disposables are here for a brief moment before simply melting away. 
From humble ingredients come bespoke, one-off pieces that are high on visual impact, but low on global impact. This is throw away fashion & rapid prototyping for the 21st century.

Harvest Trend Board - Spring Summer 2012

Throw Away Trend Direction for Spring Summer 2012 - See Downloadable Version For Full References

Trend Direction 2: Nature's Harvest 

Nature’s harvest awakens early for Spring Summer 2012, as living, breathing references are gathered from the planet’s rich biodiversity. 

Organic design has new meaning, as intricate vegetation becomes beautifully entwined in the very fabric of each creation.  Simple product shapes have earthy touches as their inspiration is foraged from wild flora & fauna

Harvest Trend Board - Spring Summer 2012

Nature's Harvest Trend Direction for Spring Summer 2012 - See Downloadable Version For Full References

Trend Direction 3: Rurban Continues

The ‘rurban’ design aesthetic becomes darker as these two different lifestyles continue to meld. Beauty comes from a more desolate place, as the austerity codes are incorporated into the softer nature theme.

For this Spring Summer, urban ideals are bought to the fore as more natural elements are subdued or amalgamated to give a modern, rawer edge.  

Harvest Trend Report - Spring Summer 2012

Rurban Continues Trend Direction for Spring Summer 2012 - See Downloadable Version For Full References

Trend Direction 4: Harnessing Nature 

Visionary architecture shoots effortlessly from its surroundings to build a futuristic, 'green' utopia.  Capturing & harnessing the elements is elevated to new heights as one co-depends on another.

A fantastical imagining of what can be, man & nature interwoven together to sustain our delicate ecosystem.
Harvest Trend Report - Spring Summer 2012

Harnessing Nature Trend Direction for Spring Summer 2012 - See Downloadable Version For Full References

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Throw Away

1. Cuisine Couture by Emily Crane, Kingston University 

2. 'Panpaati' Bread Furniture by Enoc Armengol

3. Paper Bowls by Wasara

Nature's Harvest

1. Golly Pods by Tend Living and Jason Xavier Lane

2. Growing Chair by Michel Bussien 

3. Joshua Tree by Tend Living

Rurban Continues

1. Growing Jewellery by Hafsteinn Juliusson

2. Adi Zaffran 

Harnessing Nature

1. Rematerialize the Future!, Material Sense - Courtesy of Dutch Design Week

2. Water Purification Skyscraper by Rezza Rahdian, Erwin Setiawan, Ayu Diah Shanti, Leonardus Chrisnantyo, Indonesia - 2nd Place Winner - Evolo Competition

3. Dochodo Island Zoo by JDS Architects 

Emily Crane

Enoc Armengol 

Wasara Tableware

Trend Living 

Michel Bussien

Hafsteinn Juliusson

Adi Zaffran

Material Sense

Dutch Design Week 


JDS Architects 


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