Spring Summer 2012 Textiles Trend Report

on 21/1/11

This is the first of The Trend Boutique's major reports on how the trend themes of Harvest, Intense, Senses and Spirited are being interpreted for the textiles sector. Accompanying reports will be released for Spring Summer 2012 within the areas of Fashion, Product & Technology, and Architecture & Interiors.

This trend report, covering early textile direction, is meant to provide both inspiration & initial product development within the main trend themes. As such, we have taken a mixture of influential & ground-breaking designers we feel capture the spirit of the trend & confirmation from the leading International trade shows, such as Heimtextil, Bread & Butter.
Each theme for the Spring Summer 2012 season is captured within this one report - so for textile & knitwear students or graduates it can become their key reference for the season, and also other students interested in textiles can also utilise whilst building their knowledge.
This report covers all aspects of textiles from woven & knitted textiles to embroidered embellishments & prints, here is how we feel the themes of Harvest, Intense, Senses, & Spirited have made their presence felt within textiles...
Textiles are stripped back to their most organic state; untreated and pure.  This trend leads to a textile position where colour is removed and only texture remains.  Textures are patchy, unfinished and irregular.  An accent of florals also creeps into the trend, indirectly taking inspiration from nature's harvest.
  • Raw materials such as straw and reeds are woven to form textiles with a rough texture and fragmented finish due to the rigid nature of such organic fibres. 

Textiles Trend Report
Fraduate Collection and Detail Shots - Thorbjorn Uldam

  • Soft fibres are kept humble at their untreated, natural state and hand-knitted or woven in basic structures to create rustic fabrics.

Textiles Trend Report
Exhibition Shots - Heimtextil Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Pietro Sutera

  • This year at Heimtextil, a special exhibit entitled “Bark” was showcased, which displayed textiles made from tree bark.  This idea of man and nature interwoven together to sustain our delicate eco-system, fits perfectly with The Trend Boutique’s “Harnessing Nature” direction.

Textiles Trend Report
Exhibition Shot and Close Ups - Heimtextil Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Pietro Sutera

  • Flora and Fauna prints spread across fabrics in a delicate fashion but still using the bright colours of summer.

Textiles Trend Report
Exhibition Shot - Bread and Butter - Fashion Now


Textiles are deep-dyed in colour from the Latin American countries of Cuba and Argentina to give an intensity of passion and drama.  Whilst most of the trend is bright blocked colours, there is also a hand-crafted patterned element as well as touches of darker, more sombre patternings.

  • Textiles are over-dyed to a point of saturation in deep earthy tones such as burnt oranges and deep indigos.

Textiles Trend Report
Left: Spring Summer 2011 Collection - Cacharel
Right: Exhibition Shot - Heimtextil Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Pietro Sutera

  • Embroideries and Crochets draw upon South America as a reference point for patternings, textures and the use of chunky yarns.

Textiles Trend Report
Exhibition Shots - Heimtextil Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Pietro Sutera

  • Fabrics are hand-painted using variations in brush strokes and sizes to give a unique finish every time.

Textiles Trend Report
Exhibition Shot - Heimtextil Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Pietro Sutera

  • Delicate florals get lost within a darker colour palette as prints take on a sombre flamboyance of hazy patterns and sharp accents.

Textiles Trend Report
Spring Summer 2011 Collection and Detail Shots - Cacharel


“The body” features as a key reference point for Womenswear textiles as nude tones fill the main colour palette of this trend direction.  Placement prints delve inside the human anatomy as textiles are manipulated to create sensitive architectural garments that either show off the contours of the female body or distort the figure completely.

  • Embroidery detailing such as fringing, piping and appliqué are used to outline the female form and emphasise the contours of the body.

Textiles Trend Report
Spring Summer 2011 Campaign Shots - Ekaterina Kukhareva

Textiles Trend Report
Left: Spring Summer 2011 Collection (Striped T) - Ann Sofie Back for Topshop
Right: Spring Summer 2011 Collection (Grey Sweater Dress With Tulle Ruffles) - Ann Sofie Back for Topshop

  • Textiles designed for fashion employ placement prints using the colour palette of the inner-body and the muscular system.

  • Technical textiles replicate the formations of reptile skins, suggesting the idea of ephemeral clothing.

Textiles Trend Report
Snake & Molting Legwear and Original Inspiration - Camille Cortet

  • Plastic textiles and other synthetic fabrics in nude flesh tones give the feeling of skin.

Textiles Trend Report
Spring Summer 2011 Campaign Shots - Flik Hall

  • Diaphanous textiles are finely pleated and manipulated into structural pieces that transform the human figure.

Textiles Trend Report
Spring Summer 2011 Runway Shots and Detail Shots - Morphe


Textiles following the spirited trend are both rebellious and confident.  Imaginative craft and playful DIY offer the youth generation a unique chance to stand out whilst slogan prints offer the chance for the younger generation to get their voices heard.

  • Digital prints are created with not just glow-in-the-dark but UV dyes.

Textiles Trend Report
Graduate Collection Runway Shots and Detail Shots - Carly Ellis

  • Playful imagery is designed within knitwear patterns as well as screen printed on top.  Comic book graphics feature highly.

Textiles Trend Report
Runway Shots - Fam Irvoll

  • Computer embroidery is worked over other materials to create mixed media artwork that fits in perfectly with our “Edgey Craft” trend direction.

Textiles Trend Report
"Dazed", "Swish" and "Thwack" - Kirsty Whitlock

  • Brands provide the resources to customise and design your own textiles.

Textiles Trend Report
Exhibition Shot - Bread and Butter - Style Society

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