Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Carnival

on 13/7/12

In the second of our comprehensive fashion reports for Spring Summer 2013, The Trend Boutique take a look at how the 'Carnival' trend direction has started to impact on menswear & womenswear. 

With 16 trend boards covering colour, general influences, materials, shape & silhouette and key designer collections, we aim to provide inspirational direction, as well as essential references for further research & development. 

Carnival Trend Direction for Fashion

Strongly influenced by the growing importance of Brazil on an economical, design and cultural level, we enjoy the 'heat' of this theme from the vibrant colour palette to inspiration taken from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

'Carnival' offers a rich intensity and sense of flamboyance particularly for womenswear; strong, bold and young this theme is all about high summer and exploring the Brazilian passion & joie de vivre.

Colour: Rainbow shades and ultra brights make up the 'Carnival' palette as we continue to enjoy our love of colour harnessed over the last few seasons. The intensity & vibrancy is taken up a notch as we see a 'riot of colour' seen throughout all womenswear & menswear. 


Images & Collection by Christopher Kane


New Designers & Graphics: The new graphic style from emerging artists & designers from Brazil we identified in our 'Guide to the Season' for Carnival is picked back up here for menswear & womenswear. Digital prints take on a more graphic style with pops of colour against monochrome illustrations.


Left: Image and Collection by Richard Nicoll Right: Image and Collection by Leitmotif
Left: Image & Collection by Richard Nicoll Right: Image & Collection by Leitmotif

Images Collection by Joe Turvey
Images & Collection by Joe Turvey


Swimwear as Outerwear: A major direction in terms of shape is the movement towards 'swimwear as outerwear' that also follows on from the long established underwear as outerwear that first debuted at the beginning of the 1990's. A perfect direction for the heat of the 'Carnival' trend and one that we have already seen emerging with the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora wearing swimwear in their music videos. It has also acted in re-booting the one-piece as a must-have item.


 Amaya Arzuga  Aqua di LaraLeft: Image & Collection by Amaya Arzuaga Right: Image & Collection by Aqua di Lara


 Ekaterina Kukha and Amaya ArzugaLeft: Image & Collection by Ekaterina Kukhareva Right: Image & Collection by Amaya Arzuaga


Womens Sexuality: The increasing prominence and overt nature of women's blossoming sexuality is expressed in fashion through super cute & super sexy lingerie. Whether worn as underwear or outerwear each piece has lots of feminine touches & peek-a-boo cutouts. The bondage references we saw for Spring Summer 2012 are softened and given a sporty feel with fun graphic strapping and bubblegum colour palettes. 


Left: Image & Collection by Damaris Right Image & Collection by Damaris


Chromat and Age collections
Left: Images & Collection by Chromat Right: Images & Collection by Agent Provocateur


Key Fabric Direction for Carnival

Print is absolutely key for the 'Carnival' trend direction, however rather than the highly complex digital prints of recent seasons, we see more simplicity with the use of bold polka-dots that appear everywhere like some form of heatstroke or rash. Mixed, layered or of varying sizes we find that anything goes as long as it has a wild and random appeal. 

louis vuitton fabric board
Images & Collection by Yayoi Kusama Collaboration with Louis Vuitton

Key Silhouettes & Shape Direction for Carnival 

JacketsCoats are not an option for this high summer trend, whereas the cropped or soft blouson bomber jacket offers the perfect cover-up from the heat of Spring Summer 2013. Simple, fluid shapes create a relaxed 'thrown on' slightly sporty feel as we want the freedom to go from beach to street in a flash.


 Holly Fulton Right:Mother of Pearl
Left: Image & Collection by Holly Fulton Right: Image & Collection by Mother of Pearl


DressesFor RTW, dresses have a sophisticated, yet relaxed feel and are updated with calf hem rather than full maxi lengths. Fluidty & billowing effects are provided through simple A line & trapeze shapes with interest created through bold splashes of colour, sunray pleats and ultra fine collar & halter necklines. For casualwear we see simple tee or polo shirt dresses in bold brights & patterning worn with a no fuss approach & flats.


Chloe dresses
Images & Collection by Chloe


 David Delfin Right: Prabal Gurung

Left: Image & Collection by David Delfin Right: Image & Collection by Prabal Gurung


Trousers & Shorts: For menswear, shorts are tailored or have swim trunk styling to give more of a retro Copacabana beach feel. The cut for men is micro & super short, whilst for womenswear the shorts have a fluid look, worn loose with square boxer shapes in delicate fabrics & pretty prints.


Topman Design  Mjoelk  Acne
Left: Image & Collection by Topman Design Top Right: Image & Collection by Mjolk Bottom Right: Image & Collection by Acne

 Jonathan Saunders  Chloe knee lenght
Left: Image & Collection by Jonathan Saunders Right: Image & Collection by Chloe


Tops: Tanks & sleeveless tops make up the mainstay of the 'Carnival' theme as once again we look to a high summer direction. Ultra-bright tees are over-sized and have a square silhouette. Slim fit is also key to show off the 'body beautiful' toned & honed from working out on the beach, whilst multi-coloured, graphic prints or single tone vests & tops are all seen. 


Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Repair
Left: Image & Collection by Shaun Samson


 Acne Right:Pringle of Scotland
Left: Image & Collection by Acne Right: Image & Collection by Pringle of Scotland



One of the most directional of the silhouettes is the introduction of beachwear for everyday through the teaming with quirky accessories and a streetwear feel. This is definitely a young & bold approach and not for the faint hearted, but if worn well & with attitude is one of the most fun and standout looks for the season.


Mara Hoffman and someone
Left: Image & Collection by Mara Hoffman Right: Image & Collection by AngelaBang


 Alexis Mabille Right: by Shaun Samson
Left: Image & Collection by Alexis Mabille Right: Image & Collection by Shaun Samson



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