Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Nouveau Riche

on 12/7/12

Following on from our various seasonal coverage for each sector and the overviews of the macro trends in our 'Guides to the Season', The Trend Boutique bring you their fashion trend reports for Spring Summer 2013 highlighting how the themes are developed for the fashion sector starting with 'Nouveau Riche'.

As our fashion reports are so extensive with 16 boards per theme from Spring Summer 2013 onwards we have decided to create individual reports for each of our 4 trend directions. Covering menswear & womenswear in the same report we feel this reflects the androgynous nature of fashion and provides essential inspiration & cross-references across both sub-sectors.

In this report The Trend Boutique will highlight how the main themes, colour & textiles have evolved for fashion, alongside key styling & silhouette direction and featuring some of the most directional & influential designers of the season.  


Nouveau Riche Trend Direction for Fashion

Already identifiable as one of the most influential of the trends for the season, the theme not only represents a recognisable shift in underlying lifestyle, economic, political and design aesthetics, but also a trend direction that has instant appeal and commercial success written throughout. The return of luxury and the emergence of new more affluent economies has resulted in a softening of the more austere luxury codes of recent years and the introduction of an opulence that has a real sense of modernity. 

Colour: Focussing on soft buttery metallics as the base tones and pops of modern jewel colours to provide the accents, both elements are equally important for providing this essential modern luxury colour palette. Carried through both mens & womenswear, metallics can be of varying intensity, sheen and colours, whilst darker tones seen within digital & foil prints to provide additional playful trompe l'oeil touches, whereas a softer modern palette are omnipresent across the whole theme and prevent it looking too ostentatious.

Images & Collection by Christopher Kane

Feminine Touches for Menswear:  For menswear we see a gentle whiff of aristocracy and heritage updated through modern styling that is definitely not afraid to show its more feminine side. This direction is not overtly camp or over the top, but achieved through subtle touches, such as jewellery & modern finery or through design features on garments such as rouching at the cuff or waist, plays on contrasting fabrics, and a general laissez- faire approach to luxury styling.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Left: Image & Collection by Hien Le Right: Image & Collection by Tomasz Donocik

Return to Luxury: One of the most important references and long term impacts is the 'return to luxury' after several years of austere tones and sense of hardship. For fashion this is epitomised through a soft palette with jewel brights and modern yet luxurious fabrics & embellishments combined with simple silhouettes to provide a more directional look. 

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Report - Nouveau Riche
Images & Collection by Christopher Kane

Emerging Economies: As identified in our ‘Guide to the Season’ for this trend direction it is no longer possible just to assume that because it’s British or Western that people from the emerging economies will want to buy it. So from advertising campaigns, to catwalk shows, to the original design influences, a new East rather than West aesthetic runs throughout.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Collection & Images by Prabal Gurung

Younger Undertones:  Despite this direction being instantly identifiable as an easy to adapt and commercially strong theme, it is important to note that the reason it looks so fresh is because of all of its younger and more directional undertones. So from all-in-one playsuits and clutch bags for men to notched-up metallics that has not been seen since Seventies, this theme has a striking sense of modernity throughout. 

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
 Left: Image & Collection by Avaro Figlio Right: Image & Collection by Eugine Lin

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Collection & Images by Christopher Kane

Key Fabric Direction for Nouveau Riche

A metallic sheen runs throughout the 'Nouveau Riche' theme from 'Bacofoil' type finishes through to high lustre yarns being incorporated into basic sweatshirt fabrics. The key for fashion is to create modern touches & plays by taking an all-over approach or by using metallics in unexpected ways, this ensures that that you create more of a light approach for RTW and a tongue-in-cheek feel for streetwear. 

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Image & Collection by Marc Jacobs

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Left: Image & Collection by Christopher Kane Right: Image & Collection by Acne

Key Silhouettes & Shape Details for Nouveau Riche 

Coats & Jackets: Retro car coats & blazers are updated in lighter, modern fabrics and metallic finishes whilst styling details include cocooning & beautifully oversized shapes, double-breasted with single button or narrow button fastenings, ¾ sleeves and deep & contrasting turn-up cuffs, plus stand-up lapels and collars. The oversized parachute-style parka in ultra-light synthetic fabrics or silks provides a more casual and street alternative. 

Left: Image & Collection by Acne Right: Image & Collection by Danielle Scutt

Tailoring: Traditional single or double-breasted suit jackets that look as if they have come off the peg (albeit an expensive one) are effortlessly combined with feminine accessories in particular brightly coloured clutches & attaché folders and androgynous mismatched shorts or skirts for men, whilst fine gauge or space dyed knitted tops & tees provide a more casual air. 

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Left: Image & Collection by Topman Design Right: Image & Collection by Topman Design

Left: Image & Collection by Studio Nicholson Right: Image & Collection by Honor

Dresses:  Simple shift dresses are the focal point for Womenswear where ‘Nouveau Riche’ influences are added through shimmering opulent fabrics and delicate, yet bold embellishments that feature precious jewel tones. Cut-away panels and peek-a-boo slashes update this retro ‘fit & flare’ shift dress, whilst the palette is soft and muted to allow the decorative elements to shine.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Collection & Images by Christopher Kane

Playsuits & Shorts: The rise of the men’s all-in-one playsuit continues with super short versions with digital overlays & optical prints to provide the luxury direction. Rather than masquerading as formal suits as in previous seasons these playsuits embrace the zip-up style favoured by James Bond in the Sixties which teamed with high collars ensure a level of masculinity & a French or Italian Riviera feel.  

For womenswear we see simple square shaped luxury tees teamed with tailored shorts with metal sheen & patterning or a shift towards luxury sports couture with simple gym shapes with metallic panels and finishes. 

Left: Image & Collection by Honor Right: Image & Collection by Richard Nicoll

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Left: Collection & Image by Marni Right: Collection & Image by Acne

Tops & Tee Shirts: Tee shirts become a staple of the Nouveau Riche theme to prevent it becoming too stuffy & lavish. Simple pared down shapes that are boxy and square are embellished, patterned and given lustre to fit in perfectly with the theme. 

Left: Collection & Image by Christopher Kane Right: Collection & Image by Prabal Gurung

Legwear: For this theme we focus on new hosiery & legwear directions that have a delicate quality to them, that is both modern & luxurious. As if spun directly onto the leg these fragile pieces create the perfect finish to this theme creating the essense of modernity and luxury. 

Images & Collection by Honor

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