Spring Summer 2013 'Guide to the Season' - Carnival Trend Report

on 16/12/11

The growth in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) economies is well documented, but with the forthcoming dual events of a World Cup & Olympic Games - it is important that we look to Brazil for inspiration & essential reference points. 

With the impact of the World Cup in Africa still being felt in the design world with our love of tribal prints & earthy tones still showing no sign of abating, it is not surprising that it is with great anticipation that everyone is looking to these two landmark events to have double the effect in Brazil & around the globe.

Added to this we mix in the sense of vibrancy & Latin-American spirit and we know that for Spring Summer 2013 Brazil and a 'Carnival' approach will be at the top of our agenda.

Trend Direction 1: New Designers 

With the amazingly 'precocious' talent of designer Pedro Lourenco hitting the catwalks and the likes of Bruno Kurru, Wagner Pinto and Eduardo Recife being featured in the 'Brazil Illustrated' exhibition as part of London Design Festival, we naturally start to look to Brazil for the next wave of emerging designers.

A country in ascendency, Brazil's love of bold colour, craft-based heritage and culturally diverse background provides design in the region with a perfect backdrop to what is now given a new sense of vibrancy & expression in the hands of this new generation of designers. 

Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Carnival
New Designers Trend Direction - Spring Summer 2013 Carnival 'Guide to the Season'

Trend Direction 2: A Riot of Colour

With the bold & bright use of colour from the last few seasons, for this 'Carnival' direction for Spring Summer 2013 we see this ramped up even further with a complete 'Riot of Colour'. As our confidence grows we see a new blossoming sense of exuberance that allows us to grab colours from different cultures & countries.  

So as seen in Christopher Kane's latest resort collection we can mix ultra-bright rainbow colours with foil metallics or take inspiration from the street celebrations of Brazil by mixing flesh tones with neon and sugary pastels that aim to exude confidence.   

Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Carnival
Riot of Colour Trend Direction - Spring Summer 2013 Carnival 'Guide to the Season'

Trend Direction 3: Beachwear as Outerwear

For many a season we have seen the re-working of 'underwear as outerwear', however for Spring Summer 2013 we see a movement towards beachwear used in the same manner gain momentum. The famous beaches of Brazil become a source of inspiration as womenswear takes on sultry undertones and we generally give in to the heat.

From the basic all-in-one functional swimsuit carrying on the sports couture feel to the bikini being given more purpose with an eclectic mix of tropical & tribal prints, beachwear comes to the fore and becomes our staple for the summer. 

Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Carnival
Beachwear as Outerwear Trend Direction - Spring Summer 2013 Carnival 'Guide to the Season' 

Trend Direction 4: The Power of Women

'Girl Power' in the Nineties now seems quite tame & weak in comparison to the emergence of a stronger, more overt female sexuality. As those that grew up on a diet of Sex & The City and the Spice Girls come of age, we see an anything-goes, all-about-me attitude where men are left in no doubt as to what women want. 

Added to this we see the rise of female-biased design,  the concept of 'womeneconomics' and the growth in the number of women that do not see marriage or a long-term relationship on the cards anytime soon. The balance has definitely shifted as we continue to feel the implications of a female dominated decade.      

Carnival Trend Report Spring Summer 2013
Women's Sexuality Trend Direction - Spring Summer 2013 Carnival 'Guide to the Season' 

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New Designers:

1. Collection by Pedro Lourenco 

2. You're Not Alone by Eduardo Recife, Brazil Illustrated 

A Riot of Colour 

1. Collection by Issa 

2. Rio Carnival by Mark Scott Johnson 

Beachwear as Outerwear

1. Tropicalia Brasileira 13 by Criativa Magazine 

2. Image & Collection by Movimento, Sao Paulo Fashion Week 

The Power of Women

1. Image & Collection by Agent Provocateur

2. Image & Collection by Lascivious

Pedro Lourenco

Eduardo Recife 

Brazil Illustrated 


Criativa Magazine - Brazil 

Sao Paulo Fashion Week 


Agent Provocateur 


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