Spring Summer 2013 'Guide to the Season' - Converge Trend Report

on 24/10/11

The convergence of Science, Art, Agriculture and Design disciplines is at the forefront of the this theme as we begin to get frustrated by the pigeonholes & limitations of recent decades. Freeing ourselves up from constraints we start to explore the idea of bringing together multi-faceted, multi-discipline, multi-levels of creativity and innovation.

Taking inspiration from the past & the future, we aim to solve some of the world's current issues & design conundrums through an innovative & all encompassing approach, this theme for Spring Summer 2013 is all about finding in strength in inclusivity and embracing the fact that we have many different dimensions to our life & our ability.

Trend Direction 1: Classic Inspiration 

Over the last century we have seen a stark distinction being made - science or an art? This dramatic split is now being bridged as we take inspiration from the 'Masters' such as Da Vinci, Galileo and Archimedes who were not only inventors, but artists, sculptors, philosophers - to name but a few of their disciplines. 

Through bringing together these ideals we can then create more rounded & radical solutions with artists often pushing the boundaries in science, and science becoming increasingly an inspiration for art. 'Converge' brings together not only these but other wide-reaching disciplines, plus acts as a major catalyst in itself as the collective brain power of the world's experts may just bring about some of the most amazing discoveries of the future.

Spring Summer 2013 Converge 'Guide to the Season' - 'Classic Inspiration' Direction 

Trend Direction 2: Edible Design 

For Spring Summer 2013 we not only take inspiration from the classics, but agriculture & food become a new reference point and the perfect follow on from 'Harvest' seen last summer. Creating a design aesthetic that wouldn't be amiss in a chef's kitchen with sugary pastels and melt away design ideals, importantly though this direction is more laboratory than farmhouse rustic. 

Technology & invention become the focal point as design is introduced into the food process & agriculture, as once again we see a multidiscipline approach come into play. 


Spring Summer 2013 Converge 'Guide to the Season' - 'Edible Design' Direction 

Trend Direction 3: Perfection 

Picking up the mantel to merge art, design, nature and science, this direction is all about fine-tuning what is near perfect and adding a gloss to it.  As we learnt in the 'Harvest' theme from Spring Summer 2012 it is important to celebrate nature's bounty & beauty, so this is not the same ideal as genetically modifying a product, but a far more subtle & organic addition.

So from the simplest of plants to beauty products for the skin, we see a delicate introduction of sheen and the slight re-tweaking of what is almost perfection already.

Spring Summer 2013 Converge 'Guide to the Season' - 'Perfection' Direction 

Trend Direction 4: Realisation 

Taking the manufacturing process & placing it in the home has been a concept for some time now, however for Spring Summer 2013 it becomes a reality. Whether completed on a grander scale with latest 3-D printers that simply create your product layer by layer or just through the basic sharing of the processes & knowledge, this sees the introuduction of a cleaner & more economical method of production.  

What use is technology & innovation unless you can share or adapt it for your own means, so added to this we also finally see a further 'converging' of technology so we can flit between applications & functions effortlessly.  

Spring Summer 2013 Converge 'Guide to the Season' - 'Realisation' Direction 

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Classic Inspiration

1. Design by Ninela Ivanova 

2. 'The World According to..' by Bart Hess 

Edible Design 

1. Dairy Ecstasy / Skyrkonfekt by The Designer & Farmers Project

2. Zuppa di Cipolla by De Culinaire Werkplaats


1. Suushie by Huiskamer 



1. 3D Print Shop by Kirschner & Grubbels 

2. Cabinets of Curiosity by Burojet


Ninela Inova  

Bart Hess

The Designer & Farmer's Project 

De Culinaire Werkplaats



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