Spring Summer 2013 'Guide to the Season' - Nouveau Riche Trend Report

on 23/10/11

After an 'age' of austerity, we see the gradual re-emergence of more luxurious colour tones for Spring Summer 2013 as we start to loosen our sense of thrift and make do & mend. Based on all of the traditional luxury codes & materials, these rich reference points are given a modern twist with flashes of bright jewel tones and neon pastels. 

With a return to high-end glamour, this theme has a young, fresh edge with a level of modernity running throughout. For Spring Summer 2013 we see the ‘old money’ making way for the ‘new wealth’ that is also represented in a similar shift in power & wealth, as the West makes way for the East.

Trend Direction 1: Return To Luxury

Despite the talk of continuing global economic meltdown, we see a relaxing of the austere tones of recent seasons and a gentle return to luxury. For menswear we see touches of decadence & opulence whilst womenswear is given a beautiful sheen. 

With precious jewel colours, pops of neon pastels, the richest of creams, and modern metallic touches – this Spring Summer 2013 colour palette really sets the ‘Nouveau Riche’ theme.

Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Spring Summer 2013 Nouveau Riche 'Guide to the Season' - 'Return To Luxury' Direction 

Trend Direction 2: Modern Aesthetic

One of the most important directions within the ‘Nouveau Riche’ theme is that of taking the rich vein of traditional  luxury design & classic architecture as initial inspiration, before rewriting them with a more modern, clean and cool aesthetic.

Beautifully bold, these new design statement pieces have all the traditional luxury codes without any of the stuffiness, creating a sharp contemporary feel that marks a return to luxury with a contradictory subtle ostentation.   

Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Spring Summer 2013 Nouveau Riche 'Guide to the Season' - 'Modern Aesthetic' Direction 

Trend Direction 3: Emerging Vs Traditional Economies
The BRIC economies are not only of significant importance as they continue to build & grow, but also & especially because of our reliance on China to ‘bankroll’ the West out of recession. Added to this although traditionally we have seen these emerging economies as the manufacturing base of the world or as just somewhere that we can sell Western goods to, for Spring Summer 2013  this changes as we must come to terms with the realisation that they are the new powerhouses. 

Whatever we can do they can do bigger & better, and will be coming to high street near you. Plus unless we start to understand & cater to this new wealthy customer many businesses will not survive. It’s not about adapting an existing product or marketing campaign, it is about starting afresh with this new savvy, global customer at the heart of it all.

Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Spring Summer 2013 Nouveau Riche 'Guide to the Season' - 'Emerging Vs Traditional Economies' Direction 

Trend Direction 4: New Entrepreneurs

Once upon a time, just being wealthy or famous was enough, however with the bursting of the ‘celebrity culture’ bubble we are seeing a new breed of super rich, multi faceted stars that now what to make their way in the world in a more real world. 

For this group of artists / actors / musicians / entrepreneurs it  is simply not enough to  bang out a celebrity endorsement, they want to go back to university or be mentored by industry to develop a craft & skill from scratch – such as Kanye West emerging as a fashion designer or Emma Watson studying at Brown university inbetween her film, designing & charity work. 

Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Nouveau Riche
Spring Summer 2013 Nouveau Riche 'Guide to the Season' - 'New Entrepreneurs' Direction 












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Return to Luxury

1. Collection by Christopher Kane 

2. Jewellery Collection by Tomasz Donocik

Modern Aesthetic

1. 'Portique' Mystery Clock by Cartier 

2. 'Szeno' by Cartier 

Emerging vs Traditional Economies 

1. Screenshots

New Entrepreneurs 

1. 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' Scarves by Kanye West & Illustrated by George Condo for M/M Paris 

2. Emma Watson in Burberry Campaign Images 


Tomasz Donocik 



Kanye West 

M/M Paris

Emma Watson 



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