Spring Summer 2013 'Guide to the Season' - Repair Trend Report

on 25/10/11

After the anger of ‘Radicalism’ we start to realise that we must move on & begin to ‘Repair’ the damage done. The recession, unrest & looting has polarised opinion & society, with calls for plastic bullets & water cannons to be used within seconds of the first brick being thrown in the UK and recently it has been reported that 85% of Germans dislike the Greeks due to the economic crisis. 

For Spring Summer 2013 we therefore take a look at this new ‘revolution’ where social media organises a coming together rather than a tearing apart & individual people begin to look at their actions in a much wider remit. The perfect counter trend to the last decade of mass consumption & an ‘all about me’ mentality, this new wave of change must be greeted with a sense of optimism & hope though for it to succeed.
Trend Direction 1: Post-Radical 
Countering not only the physical, but the 'social' ills, we see the early ‘shoots’ of a new wave of altruism & people coming together for the positive, rather than the negative. With the mass post riot clean-ups in London organised by the same social media that tore the city apart, we are able to see what we can achieve if we put our minds to it.
The underlying anger & sense of injustice is still there & aimed towards people that don't contribute to society - both at the top & bottom of the spectrum, however finally we can imagine a different future with a different set of rules.  
Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Repair
Spring Summer 2013 Repair 'Guide to the Season' - 'Post-Radical' Direction 
Trend Direction 2: Self-Repairing Products 
As we begin to heal the world around us, environmental issues once again come to the fore as we re-visit the concept of waste & throw away goods that has been neglected during the recession. The difference this time is that we look to both complex & simple ideas to 'Repair' what already exists.
On a more basic level it is not just clothes that get darned, but all types of products & equipment that start to get put back together using different mediums that in itself becomes desirable and adds to the design. Whilst we also see the more wide-spread introduction of products that can 'self-repair' themselves from satellites that orbit the earth to simple everyday plastics. 
Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Repair
Spring Summer 2013 Repair 'Guide to the Season' - Self-Healing Products Direction 
Trend Direction 3: Philanthropy
With the recession hitting harder than expected and many feeling it simply wasn't their fault, but those of businesses that were greedy & selfish. Society is now demanding that everyone pay their way to help 'Repair' the economy and provide future prosperity, starting with the most wealthy & influential businesses and the call for 'good' vs 'bad' companies to be named & shamed.
At the same time we are seeing a growth in 'philanthropy' & a new type of entrepreneur emerge, where the sole goal of a business is not to create personal wealth, but to share with others. Philanthropy is not about offering a small amout of your billions to charity, but the likes of Bill Gates & others who have started to give it all away. 
Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Repair
Spring Summer 2013 Repair 'Guide to the Season' - Philanthropy Direction 

Trend Direction 4: Yin & Yang 

For the Spring Summer 2013 season we begin to explore the concept of 'Yin & Yang', not just on a spiritual level but an aesthetic one too. The idea of total opposites being interconnected & interdependent becomes essential for us to re-balance the planet & move conscientiously towards creating a more equal world. 
So for every idea or design we start to look for the converse to create perfect symmetry, whilst strength is found in having pairs or 'twins' of products both visually and physically. 
Spring Summer 2013 Trend Report - Repair
Spring Summer 2013 Repair 'Guide to the Season' - Yin & Yang Direction 
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1. 'Unite Against Rioters' by Riot Clean Up 

2. Stills of the Post-Looting Clean-up in London 

Self-Repairing Products 



1. Portrait of Sir Philip Green,  CEO, Arcadia 

2. Portrait of Blake Mycoskie, Founder of Tom's Shoes 

Yin Yang 

1. Collection by Celine 

2. Jewellery by Tomasz Donocik


Riot Clean Up 


Tom's Shoes 


Tomasz Donocik


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