Spring Summer 2014 'Guide to the Season' - Sacred

on 9/9/12

Some big themes & issues are examined for Spring Summer 2014, as we see the continuing battle of the sexes shift its gaze towards women's rights and their treatment across the world. 

Influenced by the likes of the vote on whether to allow women bishops in the UK, the role females have taken in recent protests & political change, through to the day-to-day strives & struggles for true equality in the workplace - this theme is all about trying to address the balance rather than one sex being better than the other.

Whilst if we look to a more global agenda, Brazil is an important reference point for the season, despite its slightly faltering economy & recent protest, as the impact of the World Cup taking place in 2014 and 2 years later the Olympic Games cannot be underestimated.  

Drawing together all the strands is the role of women in religion and the level of sanctity that creates whilst also providing the visual aesthetic of the 'Sacred' trend direction.

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