Technology vs Craft Conference Final Line-Up Revealed

on 15/1/11

The Trend Boutique are pleased to announce the latest line-up to their series of academic conferences and once again we have managed to pull off an extremely impressive array of industry speakers.

Tackling the subject of Technology vs Craft on the 2nd February 2011 at the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham will be:

  • Dr Tom Waller, Head of Aqualab - Speedo
  • Elena Corchero, Founder & Director - Lost Values 
  • Aaron Dowie, Founder - Aaron Ray Dowie Tailoring 
  • Nitin Goyal, Founder & Director - Nitin Goyal London
  • Suzanne Lee, Founder - Biocouture 

Lost Values
LFLECT Lace Scarf - Lost Values

When putting together the 2010-11 conferences The Trend Boutique wanted to cover some of the most dynamic & interesting trending topics that are happening in the various creative sectors, rather than just career based seminars. We wanted the conferences to match The Trend Boutique website and provide students & graduates an insight into what is really happening & some of the most important issues. 

Next academic year we will continue to expand these conferences & take them out to an even wider audience as we bring on board industry sponsors & continue to push the boundaries.

We know that students, graduates & lecturers really appreciate the time & effort the speakers put in as both on the day & afterwards we get some fantastic feedback.


Detail of Ruffle Jacket - Biocouture

What Others Say About Our Events:

"I attended last week's Global vs Ethical conference and was incredibly impressed by the calibre and numbers of speakers involved. It was well worth the 5 hour drive from Cornwall to attend!" - University Lecturer 

"To gain knowledge for my disseration I came to the Global vs. Ethical conference in November which I found thoroughly helpful and inspirational.." - Final Year Degree Student 

"Thanks very much for putting on the global vs. ethical conference, which was a really useful event." - University Lecturer

"I just wanted to say how fantastic I thought yesterday's seminar was.  I went along not fully understanding the in's and out's of Ethical Fashion, and it's now given myself a brilliant insight into topic. After listening to the speakers I feel so inspired and am now strongly considering creating my own Ethical/Recycled Collection in my 3rd Year." - Second Year Degree Student 

"Really enjoyed today's conference! There's so much more to ethical fashion than I first imagined!" - Second Year Degree Student
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