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Masks Project by Bertjan Pot

on 10/11/12

Masks Project by Bertjan Pot, combining the level of joyful design with the craftsmanship, won the Best Autonomous Design in the Dutch Design Awards in 2012. Read on >

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Edible Surfaces by Pinaki Studios and Chocolatl

on 14/10/12

The Trend Boutique takes a look at Edible Surfaces, an innovative project, which merges textile design with chocolate. Read on >

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Core Deco - Ceramic Tiles by Matt W. Moore

on 25/11/11

Graphic designer Matt W. Moore of MWM Graphics and Glyph Cue, has launched an interior product brand under the name 'Core Deco'. Read on >

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'Transformations' by Camille Cortet

on 30/9/11

After featuring Camille Cortet's 'Molting Legwear' in our Spring Summer 2012 Textiles Trend Report, The Trend Boutique have been looking at other designs within her 'Transformations' collection. Read on >

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Botanica by Studio Formafantasma

on 7/9/11

The Trend Boutique love this latest collection from Studio Formafantasma, the use of natural and organic materials create pieces reflective of our spring summer 2012 trend 'Harvest'. Read on >

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'Muse' Collection by House of Organza

on 5/7/11

Kim Howells and Lyall Hakaraia brainchild, House of Organza, comes to life for a third season using inspiration from artist Yves Klein. The 'Muse' Collaboration is a collection of brands, talent, personality and inspiration from the individual contributors. Read on >

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'Eco' Kitchen by Alessio Bassan

on 29/6/11

'Eco' Kitchen by Alessio Bassan. New innovative kitchen created from recycled paper. Fits perfectly with out Autumn Winter 2011 - 2012 trend 'Function' Read on >

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Home Furnishings by House of Hackney

on 23/5/11

'Cool find' feature on the amazing House of Hackney & their intense, dramatic home furnishings that combine heritage & craftsmanship with a contemporary edge. Read on >

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Contemporary Design Tablecloth Collection by Flat Design

on 14/3/11

A unique collaboration between 15 world-renowned designers and Flat Design elevates the humble tablecloth to one of the most sort after pieces of modern design. Read on >

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Snake & Molting Legwear by Camille Cortet

on 1/3/11

Camille Cortet's laser cut textiles representing the cycle of snakeskin fit perfectly with The Trend Boutique's Spring Summer 2012 "Senses" trend. Read on >

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Knitting Clock By Siren E Wilhelmsen

on 25/2/11

As featured in our Autumn Winter 2011-12 'Folk' trend, Siren Elise Wilhelmsen's knitted clock measures the time in a three-dimensional form, in volume. Read on >

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Soojin Kang "Dressed" Jewellery and Products

on 7/2/11

The natural colours and raw texture of Soojin Kangs's work, as well as the character that can only be created through the imperfections of hand-craft sum up The Trend Boutiques Autumn Winter 2011-12 "Craft Folk" direction perfectly. Read on >

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Wooden Textiles by Elisa Strozyk

on 26/1/11

Elisa Strozyk conveys a new tactile experience by creating textiles out of wood. Read on >

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Creative Textile Designs by Pinaki Studios

on 12/12/10

The beautifully distressed fabric surfaces designed by Arantza Vilas of Pinaki Studios fit perfectly within the Autumn Winter 2011-12 "Worn" trend by The Trend Boutique. Read on >

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Tapis Noues by Studio Sjoerd Jonkers

on 23/10/10

A mix of old & new techniques combine to create artisan carpets by emerging Dutch designer Sjoerd Jonkers. Read on >

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Natural Designs by Geke Wouters

on 16/10/10

Dutch designer Geke Wouters creates delicate tableware out of vegetables such as carrot, leek and beetroot. Read on >

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Furniture Designs by Tortie Hoare

on 23/7/10

New award-winning designer Tortie Hoare creates furniture using medieval 'leather boiling' techniques. Read on >

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