Topshop Unique Autumn Winter 2013-14 Collection - Live Stream

on 17/2/13

Last September Topshop created the most viewed online fashion show ever. This season Topshop has partnered with Google to re-imagine ‘The Future Of The Fashion Show’. Fittingly the venue for this seasons show is one of London’s most iconic landmarks - The Tanks at Tate Modern. 


Using all of Google’s platforms Topshop will turn its vast audiences all over the web into fashion insiders. Viewers will be able to access every aspect of the show as if they were the Model on the runway, the Buyer in the audience, the Make Up artist backstage, the Designer fitting a look or the Celebrity arriving. The show takes customization and shopping even further with everything from the nail varnish to music available instantly. 
Topshop Unique Live Stream London Fashion Week
Topshop Unique Catwalk Show from London Fashion Week 
“By partnering with Google we are broadcasting the show to the consumer from every single perspective. A fashion show from concept to creation. Inventing ‘Model Cam’ allows viewers to see and feel a unique moment that everyone has imagined but never been so close to. With everything from the nail polish to the music instantly purchasable and shareable this really is the future of the fashion show.” Says Justin Cooke, Chief Marketing Officer - Topshop 
Key features of this partnership include ‘Model Cam’ where Topshop has created the first ever real time runway camera on a model – using state of the art technology, selected models will be wearing HD micro cameras that allow viewers online to ‘Be the model’ seeing and feeling what the model experiences as she strides down the runway, the footage will also be projected into the showspace and shared on all digital platforms. 
Topshop Unique London Fashion Week
Topshop Unique Catwalk Show from London Fashion Week 
Google+ - the worlds fastest growing social network will host a curation of content around the making of the show and exclusive access to key participants and ‘Road to the runway’ a digital diary from the first fitting to the moment they hit the catwalk. Whilst YouTube as ‘Topshop TV’- the worlds largest video platform is being used as a broadcast channel. The Topshop YouTube page has been specially customized to receive a live feed.
On show day, Topshop will host a red-carpet hangout on air which will be livestreamed on Google+ and YouTube allowing everyone to witness the hype as the world’s editors and celebrities arrive. The reach will be further magnified by connections to YouTube vloggers with millions of subscribers who will host these live segments as entertainment. In the build up to the show Topshop updates will go into the YouTube homepage. 
Whilst, the ‘Be The Buyer App’ that allows fans to create their own mood boards mixing together their favourite pieces on the runway to create and share their own looks. With video advice from International buyers and Topshop’s in house team offering tips to aspiring young buyers or fashion enthusiasts. Continuing this theme will be the ‘Be The Creative’ which uses Google’s multi-person video chat technology in an innovative new way, viewers can log into cameras in Topshop's Headquarters to get a behind the scenes look and ask the design team questions as they apply the finishing touches. 
Topshop Google Booth
Topshop Google G+ Booth
For that further hands-on, unique experience G+ Booth & Interactive Window is an animated photo booth that has been installed in the iconic Topshop Oxford Street flagship. Fans will be able to go in and try their favourite outfits and have their picture instantly uploaded in an interactive digital window as well as on Topshop's Google+  page. The window will also livestream the show and all events in the build up. 
Topshop Google Interactive Window
Topshop Interactive Window In Partnership With Google 
Whereas, for those that want a sneak peak of the show they can use Google’s 3D streetmap technology viewers are able to access the showspace and see inside the Tanks at Tate modern and around the iconic gallery. 
So with all these innovations, now is your chance to see the 360 degree experience live.

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